Wish me luck for the Business Basics Grant!

Wish us luck – see this post on Facebook and Instagram! Picture of a tired mummy. I hustled hard to get an application in for the Business Basics Grant with a restless baby. This is a $5K grant for website upgrades in Queensland that was meant to be open for a month but filled up in 3 hours!!

I pressed submit 10 minutes before applications hit 3000 people and closed. I sent the link to all my friends last week then left my stuff until last (typical 11 lifepath, we can be addicted to that adrenalin kick). Find your life path

Watching the submissions meter go up to 94% as I was juggling Ziggy and getting forms signed by the JP was stressful. Ziggy cried alot after that as he has 4 x 2s in his DOB and is sensitive to my vibes. See my family numerology webinar for tips on your child’s strengths ($66)

It made me think hard about why I’m in business (busyness). Running a site with 600+ blogs while nursing baby, doing psychic readings and running a Patreon is epic. Yet I care deeply about sharing numerology with the planet.

And when I saw the 55 in this photo, I knew I would be OK.

55/10/1 is the vibration of numerology, Angelic work, Mother Mary, integrity
and lightning! Also my Spirit Guide call sign. I literally saw 551 TEN on a licence plate the day I questioned my purpose.

5 is the throat chakra – honesty and expression. Also the Hierophant/ Pope in Tarot. So double 5s mean everyone deserves freedom, especially of religion.

Numerology gives you the raw ingredients of your Soul contract, within seconds. Working with the 11:11 Spirit Guides accelerates awakening (see George Mathieu Barnard’s books, he is Australian). It generates forgiveness, alignment and total illumination. See the 11:11 Progress Group

So wish me luck for the application. I plan to upgrade the website either way but this will get it done faster!

11:11 your wish is ‘granted’ could take on a new meaning after this post.

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Further post: Haha. I was calling one of my long-term psychic mentors Vicki Anne Haspels to talk about mediumship (as baby Spirits keep turning up) and the phone cut out at 1.55pm.

See my post above about 551 combinations being my call sign with Spirit and the vibration of numerology.

I tuned in, said ‘what’s up Guides?’ and they said ‘gotcha.’ I heard chortles.

Yep. We are never al-one. Only all-one.

Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to catch up with loved ones and receives gifts from the Universe you were blocking.

P.S. This is the Queen of Swords card (anagram of words) in the Paulina Tarot. She’s my archetype. A woman who has sharp wits from having to defend herself!

P.P.S My next client had 55s in her numerology chart and was pregnant.

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