My Beautiful Family! As Souls, We Pick The Best of the Bunch

My beautiful family! My mum in the centre (a 26/8 Boss lifepath) taught me how to speak up, say no to bad deals and question everything until I’m satisfied. I’ve never met a better bargain hunter. All amazing skills I’ve used to become an independent business woman.

The Universe always matches kids and parents to balance out group energy. That said, you can ‘change the dosage’ of your family if things are not working.

When we incarnate, we pick the best of the bunch – those who will catalyse our growth and get us into our life path / purpose. It’s like choosing restaurant based on reviews and what’s open when you’re landing.

If you arrive and find you keep getting food poisoning, it’s okay to take a break and start your own establishment/ tribe.

Many healers ‘take leave’ from their families of origin at some point. It opens their hearts to the kindness of Angels, friends and strangers.

Very often, a family will contain someone who triggers you and someone who soothes you. The poison and remedy are co-located. It’s like stinging nettle plants – applying the juice calms the pain caused by the leaves.

Numerology can reveal what every person in your family tree is teaching you and themselves. See Find Your Life path for a calculator and blogs.

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