The Spiritual Meaning of Pearls (25/7 Numerology)

PEARL has a 75193 = 25/7 numerology, the same as Heart, Soulmate, Truths and Mortal. 7 energy opens our 7th or Crown Chakra – our halo and belief in miracles.⁣ Find your lifepath (and the chakras you’re healing) here

Pearls naturally form in 1 in 10, 000 oysters and are the only gem that comes from a living creature. Some say that they are the tears of Eve and that they are either unlucky for brides (future grief) or lucky for them (tears shed for happiness). ⁣

I’m not superstitious. I think that pearls symbolise the beauty of unconditional love. Few people can turn their deepest pain into a lesson that transcends time. ⁣

The heart chakra is our site of Soul consciousness, the place where we choose to expand division and fear or to integrate our lessons and clear. In my genetic homeland of China, pearls represent the journey of the Soul, and are very sacred. ⁣

Although I don’t wear real pearls (not an aquaculture fan), this manmade headpiece makes me feel good. Here’s what happened before I took the picture used in this post!⁣

Me: Let’s go glam and talk about turning our irritations into pearls of wisdom⁣
Forrest: dive bombs me Look at my Nerf gun mummy!!! NERF GUN!!!⁣
Me: Err, thanks for the inspo, child of light 😀 ⁣

Kids. They always make it better.

References: International Gem Society – Pearl Symbolism

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Pearl meaning

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