Talking Sticks and Throat Chakra Healing

Having a talking point (or stick) gives every one a turn to shine.

In May 2021, a Universal 1 month of beginnings and root chakra healing, lots of new projects will come in. Especially if you have strong 1 or 5 numerology. See my May 2021 numerology post

Staying in the moment, doing one thing at a time well, will be crucial if you want lasting change, not temporary highs.

When people ask how I can be so confident about the future and self-expressed I say everyone in my family is bossy! I had to fight for my right to party .

We all have 3 x 1s in our DOB grids (my mum, dad, sister and me), which gives stamina, restlessness, drive and independence. I have 5 x 1s if you include my 11 life path.

We also have big front teeth (foodies with huge appetite for life and Jupiterian vibe). Hence my love of words, action and leaders who go beyond their fears.

Althought 1 is sometimes called male energy and 2 female energy, that’s gender stereotyping. I prefer to phrase them in terms of yang and yin, sun and moon, Shiva and Shakti.

If you are in a group where people talk over each other, it can impact your throat chakra (theme of this year).

Try using a talking point at meetings or meals (e.g. one topic or question/ icebreaker) or passing around a talking crystal, stick (my @redtentau one is pictured) or shell (Lord of the Flies style) so everyone gets airtime. Kids enjoy this style of learning.

Underactive throat chakra = stuck words, sore throats, coughs, inflamed tonsils, autoimmune disorders etc. Easily feel attacked/ you never get a say. Avoid exercise/ exercising your power. Hard to take off or overcome bullies. Victim.

Overactive throat chakra = verbal diarrhoea, hyperactivity, insomnia, FOMO, push your opinion down other’s throats, not tolerating debate. Censor others/ refuse to step back from spotlight. Can’t slow down. Aggressor.

Balanced throat chakra = take turns to listen and talk, good timing, flexible, witty, inclusive, says no without guilt and ask for help knowing you are worthy of it! A Creator who says ‘I won’t should on you if you don’t should on me!’

Hope this helps. Let me know on the Facebook post.


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