Coronavirus Numerology – Protecting Yourself from the Spiritual Flu of Fear

Toilet Paper, Coronavirus, Climate Change⁣ and Manifestation have a 56/11 numerology. 11 is about valuing people power instead of dividing and conquering.⁣ Strength in togetherness vs individual fragility. The roll vs pieces. The body vs a germ. The middle path vs extremes.⁣ See the word analysis system I use

Radio alert – 12 March 2020! Hear me on 97.3FM Breakfast with Robin, Terry and Bob tomorrow (from 6am tbc) briefly talking about the spiritual meaning of coronavirus and its numerology – I’ll also discuss the myth of Friday the 13th and how scaremongering impacts our immunity.

18/3 update Replay up at

24/3 update The Spiritual Meaning of Coronavirus, including healing meditation and Tai Chi tips – watch the replay on Facebook (69min)

SOOO happy to be back on air with my favourite crew. although what a tricky topic. Wish me luck and please, tune in 🙂 I will post a replay afterwards, if possible xx
In my 2020 forecast webinar ($44), I warned against catching the spiritual flu of fear in this ‘heart healing’ year. Worry lowers immunity and fear creates an energetic umbilical cord to the so called authorities, which weakens your hope.⁣⁣
Like being harpooned, getting sucked into crises bleeds you of intelligence, willpower and joy. You let the elite forces of society energy harvest you. ⁣⁣
How do you stop the vampiring? Study the stats vs the news. Plan ahead without headless chicken-ness. Breathe. Continue with your self care. Stay present. Use hand sanitiser. Be sensible. Visualise yourself and your family in a golden bubble, protected from the crazies. ⁣⁣
Spend time with those who are staying grounded. Go into nature. Spread the truth. Remind yourself that humans existed long before toilet paper and it’s not going to kill you to use water to wash yourself (I lived in Thailand, where it’s normal there to do that and much better for the environment.) ⁣⁣
This too shall pass. You will be ok. You are here to speak up and your love right now is much needed. Fill the channels with peace and band together with your community. Share your resources, your toilet paper supplies, and your healing words now.⁣⁣
This is not a pandemic, it’s about flooding our nervous systems so we will collapse and allow Big Brother like technology and monitoring to come into force. ⁣⁣
Look through the mist. See that the Emperor has no clothes. Your heart knows that you are guided and protected, even if panic merchants say that you are lost. 11:11 means we are all one, we are never al-one. I am teaching energy protection with Dimensional Healing and Deniz Akan on 16 March, see my bio. ⁣⁣Event is almost sold out so book soon. And breathe!!

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Coronavirus Numerology – Protecting Yourself from the Spiritual Flu of Fear
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The Spiritual Meaning of Coughs and Colds – “Where are you feeling underheard and overwhelmed?”
We live in a society where we are force-fed ideas (and food), often from birth. Our parents and teachers tell us what to think, our bosses tell us what to do, the media tells us what we should aspire to. Why? Because this behaviour keeps us powerless and easy to control – caged chickens produce caged chicks, so to speak. No wonder so many people have stiff necks and shoulders, and trouble speaking from the heart! They’ve been trained to be talking heads. That’s why my favourite saying is “don’t should on me and I won’t should on you…rushing creates 80% of all our problems!”

Suggestions for healing: Frequent coughs, sore throats, colds, flus and bugs are linked to an imbalanced 5th (Throat Chakra – our inner voice – even the word INTUITION adds to 5 in numerology). Many women have under-active thyroids, perhaps because we’re so accustomed to biting our tongues and ‘being polite’. It’s time to stop the madness and be the leader again. For all our sakes, please speak up. Spirit can’t help you without your permission. Healing a stiff neck/ blocked throat chakra

Putting up with bullying, just hurts the people coming after you. Make the world a better place, not a painful race. Your body is like a puppy, it can’t eat, sleep or toilet without your help. Don’t let other people kick you round any longer! Extreme self-care (as taught by Cheryl Richardson), is an act of rebellion in a society that rushes us senseless. Rejig your diary so it reflects your values…See this video about Steven Covey’s ‘fish tank’ analogy – Steven is a Master 22 lifepath (Master Builder), they’re here to help us go deeper.”

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years. For a one-off session, please see Kris Anderson, my psychic husband. We also read together for a 360 degree perspective you’ll love.

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