Palmistry Sun and Apollo Lines Updated – Gratitude in Your Hands

“If you have one true friend you have more than your share” Thomas Fuller

DO YOU feel lucky in life? Can you LAUGH at your mistakes? Is it EASY for you to find things to be grateful for?

If you answered YES, then you’ve probably got Sun Lines (aka Apollo Lines) in your hands.

Sun Lines are vertical lines anywhere from 1-5cm long reaching up to the base of your ring finger. Always check for these lines on your writing/ active hand as this shows what you have become (rather than your potential). Sun Lines suggest that you have discovered the meaning of INNER PEACE and gratitude. They show that your Third Eye chakra is active. The Third Eye governs intuition and the ability to see the big picture (i.e. that your happiness is connected to mine).

Having 1 or more Sun Lines means that you have learned to see the good in yourself and other people. You can get through times of trouble with a smile on your dial, even when those around you are panicking like headless chickens. Children who have Sun Lines are often musically or athletically talented and have a charming personality (aka Apollonian personalities in palmistry). They like animals and pleasant surroundings.

What if you have no Sun Lines?
Firstly – check if you have coarse or sandpaper skin – read this post for more details. If you do, then not to worry – most people with your skin types don’t have Sun Lines because you prefer to trust what you can see and touch.

Your need for spiritual connection may not be high as your need for physical freedom! However if you have silk or paper skin and no Sun Lines than maybe it’s time to consider investing in your internal happiness.

Some suggested activities are:
-Yoga, dancing or joyful music
-Time with animals or in nature
-Time alone
-Sports or creative hobbies that require your complete attention (allowing your mind to relax!)

Another way to develop your Sun Lines is to keep a Gratitude Diary. This is simply a book where you record things, people and events you are grateful for. For example, here’s an entry from the diary I’ve been keeping for 11 months thanks to my best buddy Adeline.

Diary entry 25/10/2012
Today I am grateful for:
Light Love and Healing
Cherishing every moment I am alive
The grace of God within me
Peace & quiet
Heavenly love surrounding me
My natural channelling abilities
Paul Fenton-Smith a palmist I know
Suki Kasinathan an amazing friend and Raw Food Guru (Party Palmistry on the Gold Coast)
Anthea Cheng my foodie writer cousin (Rainbow Nourishments cakes)
Adeline Teoh my hilarious journalist bestie
Anne a good friend and Caroline Byrd my spiritual mentor
Generosity straight from Spirit
My beating heart
Gentleness and sensitivity

You don’t have to write this much – even a few words is a great start! This is a sure-fire way to start being happy again. I guarantee that you will start to feel better about your life after the very first week.

You may find it beneficial to read out what you write each day and then spend a few minutes reflecting on how good it feels to be alive.After all, of the 108 BILLION people who have ever lived on Earth, you and I are lucky enough to be here now! I’m sure that quite a few of those billions of people would give their arms, legs and butt cheeks for one more day on this planet, so let’s not waste any more time being grumpy huh?!

And a final tip: Next time you find yourself annoyed about something trivial,  list 10 to 20 things out loud that you are grateful for…this is an instant way to ‘break’ the anger cycle and get yourself back on spiritual track.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you have a very joyful day. Go and grow some beautiful Sun Lines today!

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