The Fate Line in Palmistry and The Size of Your Shovel

So – I’ve moved house and all is well! Butterflies are everywhere, and I am just so grateful for the experience of the past few months. My mentor,  Caroline Byrd says that every challenge we meet in life is like a huge rock in our path…the trick is to shove the rock aside rather than letting it spoil your fun. Under each rock there’s a pot of gold waiting for you, whether it’s increased wisdom, love, hope or material wealth.

In my case the pot of gold is more like an Aladdin’s cave of endless goodies. I keep meeting people who I’ve known and loved in past lives and the feeling is one of coming home to my clan, finally.

Do you believe we all have a destiny to fulfil? If so, you probably have a fate line running up the middle of your palm, from your wrist to your Saturn (middle) finger. The fate line shows how much responsibility you take for your own life and how well you keep promises. It’s stronger in the hands of baby boomers or workaholics and faint or broken in people (especially younger people) who change jobs frequently.

If the line starts from inside your life line (the curved line around your thumb or Venus Mount), you were pushed into your career by your family. If you have dual fate lines (also common in people with Master Number 11, 22 or 33 numerology – they have more double lines in general – Find Your Lifepath), you are juggling 2 callings at that time in your life (for women, this may show when you have children). This formation can make you very serious about pursuing your dreams.

If your fate line starts from the mount of imagination (Luna Mount), which is the fleshy side of your hand under your Mercury (pinky) finger, you probably work with the public and have been assisted by many strangers in your career. They say this marking shows you will be rewarded for helping people in previous lives.

The fate line is strengthened through keeping promises, prayer, positive self-talk and reflection, e.g. writing a journal so that you can identify your goals and true personality. From a metaphysical perspective, it shows the health of your Crown Chakra i.e. connection with Spirit. It reflects whether you know and act on your life purpose or depend on other people to tell you what to do.

I compare the line of fate to a shovel – the deeper it is the easier you find it to dig your way out of trouble, particularly in the areas of employment and finances. Your faith is your saving grace. How big is your shovel?

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