Newsletter Up! Captain Marvel, Children’s Lines in Palmistry & New Events

My latest newsletter for March is up! Check it out for my latest blog posts, event invitations and readings updates. Here’s a preview:

Whoa! It’s been a fortnight of spiritual upgrades, emotional clearing and wake up calls. They say Spirit sends us feathers, bricks or Mack trucks when they want attention. I’ve had a lot of trucks (including a fall). How about you? At times like this, it’s good to meet with trusted friends who can keep you laughing. There’s also good energy to release your exes and family grudges. Use this Full Moon to write down and burn any lingering fears. You’ve outgrown those cages…

Read the full newsletter. I’ve covered Captain Marvel’s Master 11 Numerology, Children’s Lines in Palmistry, new workshops and much more.

With best wishes,  Sarah

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