Beginners Numerology in Brisbane – Synchronicity to the Max!

11:11 numerology fun! Thanks to everyone who came to Beginners Numerology today in Brisbane. Loved the countless synchronicities. Two students sat opposite each other then realised they shared a birthday. The two 27/9’s sat together…and discovered they both divorced at 27 (their lifepath turning point) and had 4 kids.

A fellow 29/11 lifepath with a name adding to 76 as well, sat next to me (what are the chances?!) And there were friendly Spirits everywhere…it’s amazing how much Love can fit in a room. Look forward to staying in touch with you all!

Feedback from Kristine Miller who attended:
Thanks so much Sarah – loved the day so incredible seeing the energetic connections & so inspiring – the rainy day off today has given me time to practice working out reports for friends/family numerology. Just want to know more 💗🙌😊

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