Ziggy’s Birth Story in Numbers

Ziggy’s birth story in numbers! Unlike my other boys, I didn’t blog his arrival straightaway. It’s taken me 5 weeks just to begin processing the theatrical/ chaotic labour and to establish breastfeeding. A very humbling time in my life.

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So, here’s the first post on what happened. I thought that number crunching would be a more objective way to explain what went down on 20 February.

Will do a narrative style post next. Thanks everyone for your mighty, loving support.

Weeks of Braxton-Hicks contractions: 4-6
False starts: Heaps, baby was ready early
Total labour: <4 hours (3rd baby in 5 yrs…)

Sleep before my waters broke: 30min
Delay due to birth centre midwife not believing I was in active labour + trying to find babysitter at 3am: ~45min (stressful!)

Surprised patients who saw me waddle into ER with a towel between my legs: a lot
Time spent lost in dark corridors while in hospital wheelchair: 10min
Times the clueless but sweet ER lady pushing me said “I don’t know where to go!”: 3

Contractions while lost: 0 (was too amused and distracted)
Seconds after arriving at birth suite before contractions restarted: 0-1

Time in birth suite before Ziggy: 29min
Contractions before crowning: <10
Birth centre midwives at birth: 0 (sadly, she couldn’t get there in time)
Hospital midwives at birth: 1
Hospital midwives ready to catch baby: 0
Husbands ready to catch baby: 1
Yay for Kris!

Physical injuries: 0 (no tears)
Pain of labour: 7/10 (quite okay)
Post-birth shock: 11/10 (they called a birth emergency, it was like a drug raid with 5 staff busting in and scaring us)
Baby’s weight: 3kg (38wks + 6 days)

Satisfaction with birth centre: 7/10
Satisfaction with hospital birth: 4/10
Satisfaction with husband’s Baywatch- and @yogababyaustralia -inspired delivery: 10/10

Fawlty Towers /Mission impossible style birth plus wonderful life path 9 Old Soul baby: priceless

More posts coming soon xx


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