Fingerprints in Palmistry – Confidence and Decision-making in the Hands

How decisive are you in life? Recently a friend told me that the word ‘decide’ comes from the Latin ‘decidere’ which means to cut off, or to settle a dispute. This got me thinking about one of my pet peeves, i.e. when I’m called indecisive…It’s true that I’m the type of person who likes to ‘taste’ every menu option in my head before committing (blame my long, knuckly fingers)…

Hell for me is a waitperson invading my personal space barking ‘so what’s it going to be?’ within 10 seconds of me sitting down. That’s why I like to pore over restaurant websites before going out, just to ensure I don’t panic order the first thing on the menu. To be honest, my ideal restaurant would have a menu that read something like this:

Tasty Soup
Something with chicken
Something with fish
Vegetables we found in the backyard

That way all I would have to do is choose between chicken and fish! Tangents aside, I thought I’d write about fingerprints today because I find the thumbprints very useful for determining someone’s overall character, especially their level of confidence in making decisions and how they negotiate for their needs to be met.

Just remember that the hand you write with is considered the priority hand to read. It shows what you are like in the outside world, whereas your non-writing hand tends to reflect your emotional life and subconscious.

So here are the major finger print types you’ll find on a thumb – see this newer post for diagrams (link coming)

 And here’s an example of how the various fingerprints would order a meal…check your thumbprints and see if you agree with me…

Whorl (individualistic, perfectionist, self-referencing) – I’m having the chicken. I hope it’s good. I’ve got pretty high standards because I know exactly how to make it at home.

Loop (sociable, open-minded, changeable) – What’s everyone else having? I want to make sure we don’t double up on anything. I heard the fish is pretty popular so maybe I’ll try that. Or maybe I should get the chicken…hmm I don’t really mind.

Tented Arch (hyperactive – very rare on a thumb) I’m so excited to be here!!! It’s be ages since I last ate out!!! I don’t even care what I eat!!!

Arch (careful, practical, resists change) Darn, I think they’ve changed the menu since I last visited. It looks like my favourite dish isn’t here anymore. I guess I should try the soup because it’s probably the least weird dish here.

And finally – let me introduce you to the Composite or Double Whorl (see above). This fingerprint is strongly associated with psychic and counselling ability, public diplomacy, Eastern religion and…you guessed it…massive indecision and drama in one’s personal life. Notice how the fingerprint looks like a Yin/ Yang symbol? People with this kind of print believe they need all the information in front of them before they give their opinion.

Palmist Johnny Fincham’s advice for anyone with this print is to ‘just accept 60% certainty is enough – it’s better to make a decision than no decision’. So how would a composite whorl bearer order a meal? They’d probably ask the waitperson if they could have half and half! Failing that they’d talk the person next to them into sharing a range of dishes – just to make sure they didn’t miss out on anything 😉 You have been warned.

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