A Spiritual Review of Dune, The Movie (2021)

Just watched Dune! I hugely recommend this move to 11:11 See’rs (people who see 11:11 and repeated numbers). It’s about inner and outer resistance to government corruption and a race of psychics.

-This film is based on the best-selling sci fi novel in history by Frank Herbert (a 21/3 life path Angel Communicator). Find your life path in numerology

-Frank’s ideas were ‘borrowed’ by George Lucas for the Star Wars films, hence the overlapping themes (I only just realised this! Well, 2021 is the year of truth…)

Best parts (minor spoilers):
-Watching people escape violence through mind reading, visions, respect for nature etc.

-The strong, loving bonds between the family at the centre of the saga.

-The ecology focus – Frank was a nature lover.

-The sandstorm where they let go and rise from chaos, what a metaphor for spiritual awakening

-Epic visuals and music (baby Ziggy loved this movie even though he is only 9 months old.)

Worst parts:
-I’m hopeless with watching violence, it’s not that bad in the film but I still had to look away a few times.

-The corruption of officials and dirty warfare tactics, it reminded me too much of real life. Some of you may know my career background is Government and I was a whistleblower for bullying at the United Nations in my 20’s.

-Some of the racial stereotyping felt dated.

-Dune has a 17/8 energy, the same as God and Karma, so it’s a great name for an ‘energy’ saga.

-Timothée Chalamet is a 36/9 life path Old Soul. His eyes are full of understanding.

-Rebecca Ferguson is a 32/5 life path Rebel, 2021 is huge for 5s globally.

-Zendaya is a 35/8 life path Boss, her charisma and resilience is amazing.

Syncs: The movie was almost the same as a vision I had two weeks ago (see my post The Jade and the Plum – will add it soon). The vision had a witch and son, emperor, psychic tests, hand dripping with red, symbolic jewellery, swords in robes etc.

Hm, I have been honing my remote viewing abilities this year (and since learning past life regression with Toni Reilly in 2015 – see our recent interview). Seems to be paying off!

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