The Link Between Oysters, Facebook and Dopamine

Oysters have a 31/4 heart healing vibration, the same as Facebook. High in zinc, oysters give you a dopamine hit and promote wound healing. I eat them when I’m feeling low (which shows up as too much scrolling on social media!)

Back in 2013, I spent my last $8 one day on oysters at the Gold Coast. Minutes later, I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my life.

A baby black bird was left behind by its family. I called out to it, and it ran several metres to jump into my hand. I carried it to safety just as a snake slithered past. I was wearing a Thunderbird pendant and felt an amazing power to talk to nature that day.

So, when I need to transform suffering, I use foods like oysters (a great source of zinc) to expand my auric field. As an undermethylator prone to eczema (i.e. someone with psychic/ silk skin in palmistry), I need extra zinc for immunity.

If you are vegetarian or vegan there are alternatives to oysters. Personally, I’ve always loved seafood.

Within hours of having oysters I always have a big shift. After lunching on them yesterday with my family, I got up the courage today to call someone who hurt my feelings terribly 10 years ago.

I said I was going to write a book that mentioned them and would they review a draft. They were happy to – we both know we were sent to wake each other up.

As a 29/11/2 lifepath Spiritual Messenger healing her 2nd (sacral) chakra, the ocean of secrets, I’ve found great peace in being totally honest. My blog is full of truths that most people would conceal.

Why? Because as a psychic and 11:11 writer, I can’t expect others to open up if I’m not forthcoming. That would be like doing what I say vs doing what I do. One-sided and fake.

Find the courage today to do for yourself what you wish others would do.

Stop waiting for the sorry that isn’t coming and create the conditions for healing! Reparent yourself. Your inner child cannot calm down without your loving attention.

Take time to honour your rawness and the blessings will come forth xx

P.s. Coffin Bay oysters are the best!


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