Secrets of 33 and 6 Life Paths in Numerology – New Class!

Hi folks, I’m running a 33 and 6 life path class (it’s only taken me 16 years!) Our first Zoom call is from 1pm AEST Sat 20 July and goes for 75 to 90mins. Join us from $11/ 22/ 33, see my Patreon

You don’t ‘need’ to be a 33 or 6 life path to come, just have an interest in these energies.
Find your life path

Many people have 33 or 6 in their name numerology or charts or are in connection with these life paths on a daily basis 🙂

FYI July is the big shift month for 33 and 6 life paths, being a Universal 6 Month. Forecast coming out soon on my social media channels and website.

Likely format:
-Greeting and short meditation
-Secrets of 33 and 6 Life Paths in numerology (pros and cons, tips for success in career and relationships, case studies, famous examples)

Note: This will be my first life path talk so I’m open to feedback on it. I will keep refining things over the months to come.

Many blogs on 33 and 6 life paths are below:
Life Path 33 – The Master Healer
Life Path 6 – The Visionary

A replay will go up afterwards and it’s ok to join late.

Can’t wait to catch up with you online. It’s going to be an inspiring, funny and insight-packed call.

Sarah and the 11:11 Angels

P.S. I have read for and studied hundreds of 33 and 6 life paths over the years. They are some of my most loyal clients and love numerology becausse it so accurately explains their dramatic & unusual life missions.

As a scientist turned numerologist, I love predictions and age correlations, I believe a true psychic reader can read you backwards and forwards in time, not just talk about your present life.

P.P.S Here is feedback from a reading I did for Anna, a 33/6 life path:

“As a 33/6 I had some specific questions about my life path…It turns out I am on the right path! And it just was incredibly reassuring to hear that, and to have Sarah give me some insights into how I could better take care of myself, she really hit on things I think about – but I haven’t ever really said out loud – mind reader!

I highly recommend her, it’s well worth the investment and you receive notes and great follow up. Very professional, I’m looking forward to my next session already! Thanks again Sarah, you have really lifted my heart today – I feel different just walking around knowing I’m on track, like the pressure has lifted.” Thanks Anna!

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