Our Condolences to All the Families affected by the jumping castle Tragedy in Tasmania (trigger warning: premonitions)

Heartfelt, Soul-deep condolences to the families in Tasmania and all those affected by the tragic school jumping castle accident on 16 December.

Trigger warning: premonitions and death mentioned below. If you’d like to leave a comment or question, please reply to the Facebook or Instagram posts.

This week, the song ‘Just The Two Of Us’ was stuck in my head (talking about castles in the sky).

At the time of the accident, Kris and I were playing so happily with our baby that I forgot I had a reading. This has never happened before.

Once I got on the call, the client (who also felt the time fog) was talking about a future trip to Tasmania. I have the notes written in a time-stamped email.

We talked about how it’s so beautiful there. Tasmania has a 24/6 numerology, which opens the third eye chakra and heals communities (6 is the global theme for 2022). Neither of us knew the news until a day later.

In the interim, Princess Diana’s energy appeared in meditation, asking me to spend more time with the kids. She said ‘nothing is more important. Life goes so quickly.’ and flashed images of her sons and passing. She suggested that I continue writing the Royal family forecast for Yahoo (which was due this week).

I had been hesitating as it’s a huge task, due the prickliness of the people involved. Only when I read about the accident on Friday night did the signs above make sense.

In the past, I’ve had premonitions of Lindt cafe siege, 9/11, the tsunami (which I narrowly escaped), etc. It’s part of being psychic. I also know when loved ones are very sick or are passing.These don’t mean I can stop the events, but they do somewhat prepare me for talking through the grief with those in my circles.

I encourage you to talk compassionately about the Tasmanian accident with your loved ones and kids. Don’t let them watch too much TV coverage if they’re young.

The news reported that the first child who died was an Old Soul (a group I write about on my 9 Life Path page). So often, these advanced people will use their death as a wake up call to save others’ lives. The greatest gift we can give one another is the reminder that we are all loved and eternal beings.

Rest in peace.

Donate to the families affected on this GoFundMe page for Hillcrest Primary School

Image by Sam Mizzi

P.s. As I typed ‘jumping’, my son Charlie yelled the same word from the next room. We are all connected.

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