Personal Year Numerology Forecast – November 2012

I’ve been honing my numerology system for the past few months through daily practice and research. Here is my first monthly forecast for November 2012. Sorry about the late post, I’m at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Expo doing readings this week. Let me know what you think!
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Background: Your Personal Year (PY) in numerology starts on your birthday and gives you an annual theme until your next birthday.To work out your PY, add your day and month of birth and reduce the sum to
a single digit e.g. 27 January becomes 2+7+1 = 10 and 1+0= 1.
Add this number to the current year i.e. 1+2012 = 6 so I am in a 6 Personal Year until my next birthday.

Now check your Personal Year below to see what ‘s coming up for you in November 2012.

If your Personal Year is:

1, then Nov is a 3 month. 3 is for communication (looks like lips). Speak up for yourself. Ask the Universe to help you reach your personal goals by requesting them out loud (talking to yourself in a mirror and/ or keeping a journal works wonders). Expect a month of emotional revelations, travel, new ideas and contacts.

2, then Nov is a 4 month. 4 is for tradition (looks like a flag). Create stability in your partnerships by discussing ground rules such as leaving work at work. Keep exercising to help you work through frustration with delays and paperwork dramas. Be patient with your body especially if dieting.

3, then Nov is 5 month. 5 is for change (looks like a chariot). Life will be opening up quickly. Pace yourself and focus on moderation in all things. You ‘ll need lots of rest (and vitamin C!) to avoid burnout. Many people go on trips for pleasure this month.

4, then Nov is a 6 month. 6 is for love (has a happy belly). It’s time to commit to your creative projects and relationships. Life is fair; if you do the work, you ‘ll get the reward. A good time to begin long-term projects especially ones that require detailed planning and step by step progress.

5, then Nov is a 7 month. 7 is for curiosity (looks like a nose) Look into areas of work specialisation to help you find an outlet for your original ideas. Allow time for detox and rest as you may be feeling sensitive and overstimulated from changes all around you, especially in the sphere of communications. Your inbox is probably overflowing right now!

6, then Nov is a 8 month. 8 is for power (looks like an infinity symbol) This is the month for fertilisation and abundance on every level. Start projects with friends or family. Expect financial windfalls to come in if you have been labouring away at a creative project. This is the month when babies are conceived or born, physically and metaphorically speaking. Also a great time for meeting new partners!

7, then Nov is a 9 month. 9 is for insight (looks like like a person with a big head i.e. a thinker) You may face sudden realisations in your relationships and work life where you finally see the truth in those around you. Release guilt, grief or worry through music, writing or meditation. Spend time in water (especially the ocean or sea salt baths) if you can. This is a month for you to get in tune with yourself through reflective work and silence.

8, then Nov is a 1 month. 1 is for leadership (looks like a sword) This is the perfect time to start a new job, make an investment or step up in your business. Take up sport or strength work like pilates for endurance. Life will hand you big juicy challenges to force you to increase your personal power. It’s make or break time! You will succeed best through fair negotiation and responsible management of time and resources.

9, then Nov is a 2 month. 2 is for diplomacy and caring (looks like a swan or half of a heart) This is a time for forgiveness, compassion and seeing the big picture in your personal relationships. Forgive your mother or female figures who you feel have held you back in life. Look for ways to make amends with loved ones through counselling or quality time. Life’s too short to be angry with your family. You don’t have to agree with them, just come to a place of peace if you can. As they say hating someone is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die.

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