A Message to My Trolls – You’re the Fake, Not Me!

A message to my inner child today. “Okay, so someone called you a a fake psychic on YouTube. Given the names and curses you’ve already heard this lifetime (arrogant, unfeminine, too tall to find a husband, too loud, too ugly to marry, lazy, evil, greedy, sl*t, bad apple, destined for Hell, demon-possessed, flat chested bitch with a mushroom nose, yellow face, four eyes who’s a crazy, psycho, moon cult leader)….I think fake psychic is pretty much a compliment.”

Remember, ppl see what they are, deep inside. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see ugly, I see Utterly.Gorgeous.Lovely.You.

As a social media and psychic writer, I get all kinds of wackos having a go at me. Luckily, I’m tough. I grew up in a hotbed of racism, sexism and religious censorship. I know how to defend myself, even though the messages still make me flinch.

If you love my work, please leave regular comments on my pages (Instagram: SarahYip1111, FB: The Numbers Queen, YouTube: skea271) as this keeps the energy high and the trolls at bay. Thanks so much in advance.

TROLLS has a 24/6 numerology, the same as (a fear of the) TRUTH. Trolls can only live in mould and darkness. Be sure to stay light and young at heart so they can’t take over your energy field.

A screenshot of the troll comment that has been posted twice on my YouTube this week. The user has no video content – I’m not surprised. It’s always easier to criticise than to create!

Words are an anagram of sword. Don’t cut yourself up with them. Use them to cut yourself free of social conditioning instead. Use words that give you breath and learn new languages to extend your mind. They call it spelling because it’s magic. Literacy is more than reading books, it’s knowing how to rewrite history.

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Comments on the Facebook post (thank you everyone for your incredible support!!):

Martin Odog
Keep doing what ur doing and guidance with ur strong head and heart
Vanessa Tromp-Loefstop
I follow you Sarah ! Keep up the amazing work

Judy R Gore
I love your work and your family

Rashi Renae Carmicino
Sarah, You ARE AMAZING On ALL Levels!! Much LoVe + GRATITUDE To You!! Keep SHINING Bright!

Sandy Galloway
You are an amazing shining light, thank you

Michelle Henderson
Those that love us, love us well. Those that don’t can go to ….

Anne Aleckson – Modern Mystic
a hug for your inner child

Patricia Frajda Greene
I was going to exit a group because of the mean spirited comments!
Stay positive, I found you very interesting and am happy to see your posts

Sok Ngoh
I like your work

Jennifer Taylor
You know what Sarah, when your in your lane & working in the light it’s always going to attract your adversaries it’s part of being here on this harsh planet of ours !! Don’t even give them a second thought it’s what they want !! Your incredible hold your head high

Ma Ma Mesa
your posts are informative and light filled…you are so grounded and real. I love them and always stop to read them

Eden Ashleigh Mead
Oh my gosh I can’t believe you’ve been called those horrible things

Jana O’kelley Niksa
Beautifully said, thank you for being you and how you show up for others

Lim Ming San
I like your work keep it up

Paola De Tina
I can’t believe what I just read. Sarah, you are a shining light, never stop sparkling. The nasty messages are a reflection on them not you, your light is way too bright from them.·

Kieran Hutton
Haters will do what they do. You’re awesome

Osnat Patton
Oh Sarah, I’m so sorry you are treated that way. I’ve been called the devil’s spawn.. much love to you

Deborah Grundy
Sarah you are amazing, adorable and absolutely glowing! Triple A rating I say, can’t get any better than that, keep being you

Kara Mills
Thanks Sarah Yip love your posts – thank you

Dianne Crawford
You are a very clever wise person

Kristin Belle
So sad to hear of such malice. But it sounds like you are well aware of the truth. Wishing you (and Ziggy), in even greater proportions than the haters’ hate, love, ease and inner knowing of all the wonderful things you are. Thank you so much for your amazing contributions to this world

Rita Davies
You’re fantastic love your insights always!

Stephanie Ross
Thank you Sarah I enjoy following your post keep up the good work x

Jianna Quattrocchi
Stay strong.

Lauren Kimberley
Sarah- you are one of my favourite humans on the planet. FAR from fake- incredible in everything you do & what you are willing to share

Paula Forster
That is awful! Love to you

Helen Gunning
As humans go, we certainly do populate a wide range of standards of behaviour from low life’s to amazing specimens of love and light. I’m going to have to read your posts regularly from now on, I learnt a lot from just this one!

Tamara Dunkley
Thanks for your posts. I appreciate them

Kris Konstantine
You are an amazing beacon of light and hope, Sarah. Keep shining brighter and brighter.

Emily Read
You are utterly gorgeous

Rebecca Marie Shatswell
Love this!!! Thank you, you’re BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jessie Dowds
Love your posts, everything you say, sits well with me…you are a very lovely wise person…

Kel Kel Wilkinson
Sticks and stones Sarah!!! ‘ Love what you love without hesitation lady and don’t you ever stop being you. Regardless of religion or faith, it really is quite simple, if we all treat others the way we wish to be treated it would be a much prettier place to live. x

Angela Eling
Sarah, I love reading your posts. Anyone who reads them should see you are the most understanding, thoughtful, empathic and kind person around.

Karen Duffy
Absolutely love your work

Yurissa Ramdharee
An abundance of love and light to you Sarah. I’m so proud of the way you are handling this person and all other challenging moments. You exude strength, wisdom and peace.

For those of you who have never had a reading from Sarah, she is definitely the real deal. She is authentic, unique, funny and shifts the direction of your life in ways you can’t imagine. All you have to do is have faith in her.
My path has completely changed to be more in alignment with my soul purpose and who I really am.

Thank you for being you Sarah, and having the courage and love to do what you do. No one can touch you. Lots of love and light to you! Stay blessed!

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