They Say I’m Too Expensive. Yet If I’m Too Cheap, That Drains My Life Force…

“They say I’m too expensive. Yet if I’m too cheap, that drains my life force. Impacts my kids.

Imagine flying first class but paying for a wheelbarrow ride. Or eating a banquet but paying for a sushi roll.

Someone has to cough up the difference.

Big companies can afford to do some deals at a loss to gain customers. But not small businesses.

Your money is a vote. Reward diversity. Bargain with the big companies while supporting your local ones.

I give 11/10 in all my work and that’s unique. I’m not expensive…I’m sustainable.”

Sharing this today after coming across another friend’s story about someone who thinks I am too expensive to see.

I’ve heard this feedback hundreds of times in my psychic career, even when my readings were 10x cheaper!

It used to annoy me, until I realised people come in when or if they need to (often at the start or end of their 9 year cycles, or around their birthday or lifepath age turning point in numerology).

Find your life path and personal year

Yes, I charge properly. I account for the hours of prep, the handwritten charts, the emotional labour. The time away from my 3 kids under 6 (including newborn Ziggy – see photo below). The followup emails. The long-term accountability. And more.

By setting high standards – recording sessions via video and audio, offering a guarantee and speaking to media etc., I lead the market.

It comes down to upping expectations.

Some people think a massage is a 5min shoulder rub. I think it’s an hour long Hawaiian healing (thanks Shelli Mac, love your work!) Some people think a reading is a chat over tea. I think it’s a 2 hr numerology, palmistry and Tarot forecast that transforms your life…

I promote deep respect for psychics and healers. I increase opportunities for those who charge differently and take on clients I refer and/ or clients who can’t or won’t afford me. See my colleagues directory.

It’s a tricky job but someone’s got to do it. As a 29/11/2 life path Spiritual (don’t shoot the) Messenger, this is my calling.

To transform the public’s perception of psychics and their own intuition from scepticism to trust.

Thanks for supporting my account.

P.s. I’m booked out until September now!


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