Happy Full Moon Friday 13 June! Will You Go Looney? The Luna Mount in Palmistry Explained

Have you been feeling scattered lately? Noticing weird vibes around? Don’t worry, you’re not losing the plot.
 There’s so much going on ‘upstairs’ right now, the stars and planets deserve their own Breakfast Show!
 Let me break it down for you:
Firstly – we’re in a Mercury retrograde from 8 June to 1 July, which causes communication challenges, ‘foot in mouth’ errors, travel delays and computer blips for many people. This is a good time for finishing projects, but not for buying major items, signing new contracts or having romantic talks. Save those for early to mid July if you can.
This is a time when our past comes back to haunt us. It’s good for tidying up, but not signing new contracts or making big decisions. Things started in a retrograde don’t last the distance. Kevin Rudd made his comeback back the day a Mercury started. I guess he didn’t have a psychic on his team…what a shame.
Check out the photo of my partner’s computer taken the day Mercury retrograded last week. Classic. He doesn’t even believe in Astrology! More on Mercury retrogrades
Secondly, today is Friday the 13th, a date which scares people because of the superstitions about it being bad luck. Hey folks, chill out…This day wasn’t unlucky until 1907, when a book called Friday the 13th made it an urban legend. Myths like Friday the 13th will only affect you if you believe in them, because you get what you focus on. If you walk around expecting a piano to fall on you, you just might attract that. We live in a Universe where thoughts create reality, and our egos would rather be right than happy.
Why not focus on the positives in your life today, instead of buying into mass fear-mongering? If you research the number 13, you’ll find that it’s actually a lucky number in many cultures. It symbolises the Moon Goddess (there are 13 Lunar months in a year), eternity and fertility. In Tarot, 13 stands for the Death card, which is a positive sign as it indicates someone has finally let go of their past.
Finally, today is a Full Moon, the most emotional time of the month, when people tend to break down or break through their problems. Until electricity became widely available 120-150 years ago, most people went to bed at sunset. A Full Moon was a special occasion because it provided enough light for people to stay up and party, or hunt, or do whatever people used to do back then for kicks. Time to let off some steam.
I become hyperactive around a Full Moon and can’t sleep. How about you?Some police officers, nurses and ambulance workers believe that Full Moons lead to increased incidents and admissions. The term ‘lunatic’ (shortened to looney) comes from the idea that the insane were negatively impacted by the Moon.
In palmistry, we believe that people with a fleshy Luna Mount (the side of your hand below your Pinky to the wrist ) are strongly impacted by the Moon’s cycles. The Luna Mount gives away your emotional balance. People with a full mount are peaceful, artistic and sentimental types, who love being near water and relaxing. Often they enjoy a drink or two.
Many actors and writers have this formation (a fleshy mount, not the drinking, well, sometimes the drinking). Too large a Luna Mount can indicate an overactive imagination and passivity. Water retention can also be an issue.
A normal-sized Luna Mount is shown in the photo above.
If your Luna mount is missing, flat or red, it suggests you are more of a doer than a dreamer. Sometimes you ignore your feelings until things blow up. You may be more logical than emotional, which can lead to hassles with relatives (I joke to my students that I can see if someone is speaking to their mother, based on their Luna Mount). If this sounds like you, it may be worth cutting down on sugar, eating alkalising foods like veggies, drinking more water and booking some time out. We’re here to be human beings, not human doings.
A tip for people with fleshy Luna Mounts (or anyone who loves magic)
Many psychics (including myself) believe in starting projects at a new moon, bringing them to a peak at a full moon, then completing them as the moon wanes. It’s often easier to lose weight, heal grudges or declutter after a full moon…test the theory for yourself and let me know your findings.
So whatever happens in the next day, remember that in two weeks time on June 27 you’ll have a fresh New Moon to begin cracking on that new exercise regime/ relationship overhaul/ budget you’ve been mulling over.
Until then, be patient with yourself (and the traffic…and the internet…) and look out for any cool coincidences. Mercury Retrogrades are a great time for bumping into old friends and getting in tune with yourself again.
Just don’t try to make a political comeback (!) Yoga, anyone?
I hope this article gives you some ideas on how to break the mould and enjoy today’s amazing Full Moon/ Friday the 13th/ Mercury Retrograde celestial party. Remember, the only difference between fear and excitement is breathing.
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