Energy Clearing Technique – Angel with a Vacuum Cleaner

Energy clearing hack! I often picture (and hear) a giant Angel with a vacuum above my room, house, difficult people or clients, sucking up any debris and stress and returning it to outer space, where it can be dissolved.

Try it, it’s an effective and funny visualisation. You can also imagine the debris being burned, buried or being washed away by the sea.

The affirmation ‘none goes to me, them or the room…it all goes straight to God’ also helps if you are giving or receiving readings, healings and having big conversations. You can substitute God for Good, Source etc.

FYI here are cute pics of our little Angel Forrest cleaning up. He is an 18/ 9 life path Old Soul who loves machines and technology. Find your life path

After seeing a photo of Marie Kondo’s kids folding clothes, I got him into vacuuming this week. For an almost 5yo he does a great job. I’m thinking his future life partner will benefit from his practicality one day too.

Those who clean up after themselves, create room for others to breathe and succeed.

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Remember, it’s never to early to teach your kids energy healing and it’s never to late to recover your own wellbeing.


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