Leonardo DiCaprio’s Numerology – An 11/11 Celebrity Revealed

I’ve always had an interest in celebrity news, so here is a profile of Leonardo DiCaprio’s numerology! I’ve had a crush on him since I was 14 and followed his career closely since then. He’s born 11/11 which means he’s probably one of the 11:11 See’rs, here to bring spiritual principles to Earth – see my 11:11 Clocks Page.

I’m using numerology in this article to show you how deep you can get, just by using someone’s DOB and birth name.

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on 11.11.1974, giving him a lifepath 25/7 (The Seeker). To figure this out I simply add his DOB left to right, i.e. 1+1+1+1+1+9+7+4. Find your lifepath

Someone with a lifepath 7 is a spiritual teacher who’s here to live life from the heart, love every moment fully and learn from experience. This is not an easy lifepath because it demands sacrifices in the area of trust and betrayal. Until the bearer learns to listen to themselves and cultivate light on the inside, they can feel very alone in life.Let’s break this down into pictures, as images are easier to remember than words.

The appearance of 2 in a lifepath gives the bearer devotional ability, high intuition and a love of partnerships (2 looks like a swan). They have an affinity for women and in their own way, worship feminine energy/ their mother. Leonardo is definitely a ladies man! Interestingly, I just checked Wikipedia and he is the only child of a single mum (his dad left when he was just a year old). She had to work several jobs to support him.

The number 5 looks like the front of a bicycle, or wheel. This represents 5’s fast-moving progressive energy – someone with a 5 path hates sitting still, they are goal-focused and like to be travelling or ‘on the road’ rather than sitting at home.

The number 7 looks like a light shining a path for people to follow. As a lifepath it encourages brilliant ideas, big dreams and simplifying thoughts and lifestyle. It is associated with mystics, monks, spiritual royalty, vegetarians, animal and nature-lovers.

Put these numbers together with his 11.11 Spiritual Messenger birthday and you can see Leonardo was never going to have an ordinary life.

I like to add poetry to my numerology readings by linking lifepaths with their corresponding words and themes. You see, in numerology, every letter has a numerical value from 1 to 9 (e.g. A=1, B=2, C=3) See the system.

Some words that correlate to 25/7 are:
HEART (8+5+1+9+2 = 25/7) Leonardo is known for his charity work and huge donations to campaigns. His natural romanticism shines through in every role, which is why he’s been cast as the main love interest in films like Romeo and Juliet, and Titanic.

SOULMATE (1+6+3+3+4+1+2+5 = 25/7) I feel that Leonardo will settle down in a long-term relationship soon (he’s going into a new 9 Year cycle this month that favours growing up and commitment). It’s like he keeps looking for the perfect person but is coming to a realisation that love is like breathing – it has to be ‘done’, not held…true love not a painting you can buy, it’s an ever-changing canvas you wake up and revamp each day.Of course, not every soulmate relationship lasts a lifetime, and that’s fine too – some of us have soul contracts to be with more than one person in this lifetime, which you can also see in your numbers.

MORTAL (4+6+9+2+1+3 = 25/7) Leonardo has played many challenging characters (such as Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?), and his compassion for people from all walks of life seems evident in the breadth of his film choices…he’s very human despite his acute intuition and spirituality – he does love his supermodels!I note that Marilyn Monroe is another famous 25/7 who brought great light to society but also came across as approachable and full of idiosyncrasies.

RABBIT (9+1+2+2+9+2 = 25/7) Hmm – well apart from the rambunctious love life connection, rabbits are known for their fertility/ creativity and Leonardo has also had a very fruitful career. He’s never far from the movie screens. Rabbits are fastidious animals who literally depend on dirt/ earth for their survival – similarly, Leonardo has a clean-cut look and is known for his love of the environment. I get the impression he is emotionally quite shy.

Now for a quick look at Leonardo’s birth name, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. Using the numbers system above I’ll break it down to:

Leonardo = 39/12/13 (the same vibration as the word Freedom), his name actually means Bold Lion which makes sense as 7 lifepaths are known for their courageous ideas and willpower.

Wilhelm = 37/10/1 which suggests to me he will end up with a writer (it’s partly an intuitive flash) as a long-term partner.

DiCaprio = 48/12/3, a good number for business and career but can bring challenges of constant work and discipline.

Put together, Leonardo has a 7 Destiny, which suggests he will focus on one career and become a specialist/ teacher in that area. It gives him a strong God connection and suggests he will marry late in life, if at all. His name perfectly matches his lifepath (7), which is probably why he’s never changed it.

His name also has a 12/3 Soul Urge, which shows a love of sex, art and creativity (yes, really!) and a heart that takes a long time to recover from sorrow. Finally, his Inner Dream is a 4 which suggests that, deep down, he wants to be a father one day. Sweet huh?

In terms of Leonardo’s future: At age 39 he has entered a 1 Personal Year from November 2013, which shows he’s going to turn his life around for the better. He will have an opportunity to build a long-term partnership over the next 12-18 months and it will be interesting to see if he can overcome his fears to say ‘yes’.

He’s building up to a big achievement which takes place around 47 years old and cements his leadership position in the community. What he does over the next decade could be quite different to his life up to now. It has a 9 vibration which suggests healing work (possibly personal and global). He may become more involved in art, music and/ or family life, and receive acclaim for his high level thinking and philanthropy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this profile, it’s my first foray into celebrity numerology.

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