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To celebrate today’s auspicious date (11.11) I’ve written this blog and poem. It’s based on my experiences seeing 11:11 on clocks and being ‘followed’ by 11 for years. Just yesterday I was at a restaurant and given table 11 (again!) For me this number reminds me that I am always protected and guided in life, especially as I am a 29/11 Lifepath. Find Your Lifepath

Master 11 is a Master Number in numerology, representing spiritual illumination. If the number 1 represents beginnings, then 11 or double 1 energy is about a journey of constant upgrades (CHANGE adds to 29/11 in numerology).  11 also invites us to see other people as equals (both 1s are the same height) and to get ‘on track in life’ pursuing our passions (the 11’s look like railway sleepers from above).

When you look at 11 do you see two lines or the space between them?
Both answers are correct because that’s the secret of 11, it adds up to 2 which represents duality.

Some people, including myself, believe that the Earth is going through a great shift (Ascension), whereby more and more people are becoming psychic and ‘waking up’ to the fact that we are extremely powerful beings*.

As a result many people (especially healers) are seeing repeated numbers on clocks and elsewhere in life (such as 11:11, 22:22, 3:33 etc). These numbers are like SMS’s from our guides letting us know that they are around.

*Do you realise that:
-with just one word (fire!) you can start a riot?
-with just three buttons (000) you can call doctors or police to your door within minutes?
-with two or three words (I’m sorry/ I love you) you can heal decades of hurt and loneliness for another person?
-every day you control more than 200 bones in your body?
-with the right training you can fly a spaceship, build a castle and create new human beings…all with this ‘ordinary’ body you inhabit?Truly – you are never powerless except in your thinking. As long as you are alive, you are 100% POWER i.e. ‘the ability to do and create’.

So here’s my invitation to you for 11.11.2013…
Repeat this affirmation in your head, or out loud
(inhaling) I AM POWER
(exhaling) I EMPOWER
Hint: This exercise works better if you do it while walking outdoors…fresh air always breeds fresh thinking. Now onto this poem…

11:11, A Cosmic Reminder
Two lanes in a pool
One slow and one fast
It’s not about speed but
Making it past –
the gateway, the portal,

this spiritual test

11’s a symbol for
beginnings, no less.
Tip it on over and ‘equals’ you’ll see
Whatever you give
Becomes your destiny

No filter, no blinkers
No distracting noise
The world truly wants you
To open your voice.

Bring out what’s internal
Release that great gust
This quickening’s only
For those who can trust
That wildness and greatness
Belong to us all
11:11’s the wakening call

11:11’s a call to awake
the power inside you –
the child who creates

a world of new outcomes
a forest of ones
every tree growing right up to the sunYour purpose, my purpose
is standing up tall, and
feeling this new energy waterfallMore insight, more healing and lives of connection
Will no doubt result from this greater reception

That buzz in your head and burning third eye
Are signals to turn your face to the light
Look out for the messengers, signals and signs
That you’re still on track, within the black lines

11:11’s a time to forget
Your problems and pain and all your regrets
Just make a wish for the people you know
That they can experience softness and flow

My beautiful friend you come from two tribes;
one from the Earth and
one from the sky
If you see 11 then Spirit is calling
That sound in your ear is your lion heart roaring

…let these four poles be a mighty reminder

that gold always goes to the happiest finder…

HAPPY 11.11 everybody!

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B M on Tuesday, 13 May 2014 7:33 PM
Your positive thinking is so helpful to me.
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