Book Review: Brave New Humans – The Dirty Reality of Donor Conception

Ziggy pondering the meaning of life! Baby has a 12/3 numerology, the same as sex and art (not science). Like all children and living beings, their Spirits respond to the call of hope and joy, not obligation. On that note, hands up if you’re sick of the dodginess of some sectors of the fertility industry? Talk about injecting fear.

I just read Brave New Humans – The Dirty Reality of Donor Conception by Sarah Dingle. It’s an intense and powerful book. I couldn’t put it down – had to stay up all night to read it, which is a big sacrifice for a new mother.

Sarah was 27 when she found out she was conceived using a sperm donor. For the next ten years, she uncovered a trail of destroyed hospital records, maternal deaths and coverups by IVF companies, preventing people from ever finding their donor parents (and therefore their medical history, step-siblings etc.)

We are facing a real possibility that people will accidentally marry their relatives or die of preventable genetic diseases. People in this book found step-siblings in the same class as their kids in Brisbane daycare centres.

Although improvements have been made, I still have psychic readings clients coming in who are overwhelmed by the stress and cost of IVF. They know conception is a spiritual AND physical miracle, but don’t know how to connect with their babies and Souls. They need their intuition (mother’s survival instincts) back! See Develop Your Intuition and Banish Self-Doubt (webinar)

This is the reality when religion shames us for wanting to know the fruits of the Tree of Life, i.e. how we truly incarnate.

I don’t have all the answers, but see my future posts and links below for tips on creating a conscious pregnancy (falling pregnant sounds so accidental when really, your child chose you*).

*That doesn’t mean you have the right to hurt them. Just that you have come together for a reason!

What I liked about the book: It’s personal, confronting, educational and rips away the hype of the fertility industry and those happy family ads. I learned so much, I feel fortunate to have found this book. Reading it helped me to finish off Ziggy’s birth story as it reminded me that we MUST keep medical professionals accountable for their actions/ inactions. Also see the movie Birth Time for an Australian documentary on maternity rights.

What I found challenging: Sarah leaves no stone unturned and you need a strong stomach to process some of the insanity she discovers. If you are going through IVF, this could either make you more committed or possibly turn you off the whole thing. It depends on your spiritual beliefs around creating children and playing God.

When I was an environmental scientist, I thought kids were a burden on the planet, but after doing psychic work, I believe they are a gift, especially when raised consciously. After all, there is strength in numbers.

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