The Jupiter Finger in Palmistry – Do You Love or Hate Power?

I’ve been thinking about the power of the Jupiter finger this week. In palmistry your index finger shows your ambition, desire to control others and self-confidence. That’s why we wag or point our index finger at people when we want to boss them around!

A Jupiter finger that curves into the Saturn/ middle finger (e.g. Al Pacino) is common on people who have intense relationships with their mothers (Al was an only child and his parents divorced early). They may have been overly controlled when young and are therefore reluctant to commit to relationships later in life. There is a questioning, sceptical nature around authority (e.g. I don’t want power because it might corrupt me), which is a classic late-bloomer trait. My experience is that they are most successful after their mid to late 30’s once they have settled their fears around parenting and leadership.

This feature is exacerbated if the Jupiter finger is much longer than the Apollo/ ring finger. A long Jupiter indicates high oestrogen levels at birth and gives the bearer a strong caring streak. Women with a long, curved Jupiter finger are often firstborns and/ or took care of their siblings early on. They have that real mother hen instinct and tend to ‘manage’ their partners. Allergies and compulsive hoarding can be issues. I should know, as I’m in this category.

In contrast, some people have straight Jupiter fingers, which tilt more towards their thumb (e.g. Kim Kardashian). This shows she is self-confident and enjoys having power and influence, especially in the public sphere.I don’t often see this type of finger on women and it tells me that Kim is comfortable with her appearance and being in the spotlight.

As a side note, there is a ‘Manager’s Gap’ in palmistry, where the Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers have a big gap between them (often 0.5cm at the base of the fingers). Marilyn Monroe had this pattern, showing her need to act alone, to be independent and not follow the crowd. As  a lifepath 7 in numerology this makes perfect sense. 7’s are the seekers, hermits and mystics. Nothing pleases them more than to curl up with a good book or retreat from society! Find your lifepath

So – what does your Jupiter finger say about you? Are you a long-fingered Jupiter woman with a short-fingered Jupiter man?I see this all the time – you may find yourself being quite the parent with him…my tip is to remember that relationships are about play and equal exchange…now’s your chance to have a second childhood that doesn’t involve being the saviour of the world. Have fun!

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