Palmistry Tip – Recalculating…How Your Thoughts Change Your Lines

 Did you know that the lines on your hand change over time? If you don’t believe me, please – take a photo of your hands and check it again in 6 months’ time…you may be surprised at the difference. According to palmistry, each major decision you make is recorded in your hand as a new marking, especially changes in your career or love life (or any situations which bring up intense emotions).

When I read a hand I always mention that the client has the free will to alter their destiny. I compare building a life to building a house – the Universe (via your ancestors and parents) has laid the basic structure for you but left a pile of bricks for you in front so that you can play with the final design.

That’s why psychic forecasts can only ever be based on the direction a client is heading, rather than exactly where they will end up. There will inevitably be some route recalculations along the way.

For example, if you are taking action to become a property tycoon this will show up in your hand as ambition and material wealth (e.g. upward branches from the life line, a strong fate line and lines on the Saturn mount).However if you decide to take a detour and join a monastery, well, the lines on your hand will change accordingly and you’ll probably develop some Sun/ Apollo lines for inner peace instead…

Palmistry proves that YOU always have control over where you are going in life – there is no such thing as being a victim of circumstance. Life is like a friendly supermarket where you can have anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price, whether it’s money, physical sacrifice or emotional vulnerability.

What do your hands say about your spiritual journey? Are you on track or are you stuck in an alligator-filled swamp? Are you building a house or still wondering what the heck those bricks are for?

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