Merry Christmas & 11:11 Hugs from The Andersons

Christmas is almost here. Congrats. You made it. This year has gone quickly, as millions of us have released childhood hurts and taken back our power by speaking up. Instead of waiting for our Prince/ss Charming, we’ve taken ourselves to the ball, finally.

Did you know? 2020 is a 4 Universal Year of Perfect Vision and Heart Healing. It heralds a decade of outer wins and justice for sensitive people and the new children. What a refreshing change. 

Here’s our short and sweet thank you video with the cutest elves on the Gold Coast. This clip is also on Facebook if you’d like to send us a greeting. We wish you a peaceful and safe holiday season. Thanks for all your support and kindness xx

With best wishes,
Sarah, Kris, Forrest, Charlie & the 11:11 Guides

P.S. Please, come to my last online event for the year, a 2020 Numerology Special (including forecasts by lifepath). We live in 9 year cycles and 2020 marks the 9th year since the 11.11.11 portal.

It’s going to be a year of wonders, especially for lifepath 4s. 22s and empaths who’ve been hiding. Book now (for $44pp including a replay and notes) and I’ll see you in 11 days. There’s that number again…!

P.P.S We’re open for 360 degree & psychic readings again from 3 Jan. Take care. 

With best wishes,
Sarah Anderson (nee Sarah Yip)
Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot & Clairvoyance
Professional Psychic – Gold Coast, Australia
I’m an 11:11 and Repeating Numbers Researcher

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