The Secret To Happiness – When Life Gives You Lemons, Don’t Wish For Oranges

Happy 8.8 ‘You are Infinite Power’ Day! Want to know the secret to happiness? It’s about loving what is*, rather than craving what isn’t. In numerology HAPPINESS adds to a Master 44/8 vibration, the same as COMMITMENT, ‘HARD WORK’, ETERNITY and MEDICINE. *A phrase from Byron Katie.

Perhaps that’s why ‘happiness is the best medicine’. 44 represents double heart chakra energy, while the 8 represents the karmic pattern chakra. It’s about breaking addictions and reconnecting to God (an 8 word). So, happiness comes from satisfying your heart, which connects you to the bigger picture. 

The number 8 looks like an infinity symbol between Heaven and Earth, or an hourglass. It represents a balance between head and heart, inhalation and exhalation, and living in the Now. If we linger in the past, we feel regret, if we worry about the future, we feel fear. Only in this moment can we experience full creativity.  
How Do You Stay Happy? Let’s use the analogy of lemons.
-When something difficult happens, think of the memory as a lemon. It could be abuse, bullying, heartbreak, infertility, homelessness, sickness, anything that disturbs your inner peace.
-By the time we’re 30, most of us have enough to complain about for the rest of our lives. A truckload of lemons, so to speak. The question is – do you immortalise your lemons or do you juice them for good health? Interestingly, yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra, which is our storehouse of brilliant ideas. It’s energised by taking action on our ideas and staying optimistic.-Smart people deal with their lemons rather than burying them. 
They can separate the lesson (juice) from the pain (rind and pith). This is the result of personal growthspiritual maturity and long-term healing. Practicing loving detachment enables them to move forwards with their purpose (find your lifepath), no matter how many lemons they encounter.  
-Not many people can bite into a lemon without wincing, but once you extract the lesson (juice), magic happens. It only takes a sprinkle of goodwill (sugar) and a shot of compassion (water) to turn the bitterness into pleasure. That’s the key to leadership – being someone who turns lemons into lemonade.
-Easier said than done. It’s tempting to wish for oranges (an easier reality) instead of juicing your lemons. I call this orange-ing.Too much wistfulness can lead to fatigue and procrastination. Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra, which is about trust and emotional balance. It’s healed by getting off your butt (literally) and finding pleasure in the small things.

Four Sample Scenarios
The mark of a good teacher is not whether you like someone – it’s whether they taught you a lesson you’ll never forget.1) Your parents told you to give up on your dreams and get a real job. You watch them burn out in careers they hated. Lemon. You wish they’d been more supportive or followed their passions.Orange-ing. You realise that life’s too short to repeat history, and find others to back you. You study emotional literacy and counselling, instead of expecting them to change. That’s the juice.
2) Your partner left you for someone younger/ prettier/ smarter.Lemon. You wish you were younger/ prettier/ smarter so they would have stayed. Orange-ing. You’re grateful they got out of your way. You nurture yourself well, knowing that we have multiple Soulmates. That’s the juice.
3) You have a miscarriage. Potentially massive lemon. You beat yourself up about what you could have done better. Orange-ing.You consider the idea that the baby’s Soul wasn’t ready to meet you (read more) and that Spirit holds no grudges. You build up your energy, as new shoots need fertile ground. That’s the juice.
4) You keep getting into financial difficulties. Lemon. You buy Lotto thinking it will solve your problems. Orange-ing with a trailer of extra lemons. The Lotto computer is designed to pay out as little as possible. Rich people rarely buy Lotto because it sends a message of lack. You spend $5 but lose $100 in self-confidence. Eventually, you realise that health is wealth, and address the injured back/ shoulder/ heartbreak that made you feel poor in the first place. Then you study money manifestation. That’s the juice.
BTW, people with insomnia can end up obsessed with finances and/ or death because their brains aren’t detoxing at night – truly,sleep makes you feel rich.
Conventional society pressures us into unhappiness, by waving impossible goals in front of us at every opportunity. Until you purify your life of disinterested people and mass media, it’s easy to slip into escapism and complaining. Fortunately, with the rise of the internet and global consciousness, people are starting to question authority. In this new world, there’s plenty of flow to be made from coaching people to produce their own lemonade!
In Conclusion
Pain is a part of life – it’s no surprise that the words PAIN and GAIN have
Master 22/4 energy – as the saying goes, no pain, no gain.
As a Master 11 lifepath, who reads for many people with master numbers, or who see 11:11, it can feel like our lives are twice as challenging, especially before age 30-35. That’s because we’re here to shine, and stars* come out en masse at night. It’s especially important for us to be humble, so we can help from a place of equality. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, because you are a worthy cause. Thousands of people have helped me to get where I am today as a psychic. Bless you all!*Speaking of stars, numerology is everywhere you look, includingStar Wars and Harry Potter (which is packed with Master 11energy). Cool, huh? 
If you are reading this, I wish you a life of juicy lemons and the will to transform them. When in doubt. here’s a prayer to help you see the love in any situation – it goes, ‘Dear Spirit, please give me the lesson so that I can integrate it and move on. Thanks and Amen’.
Hong Curley Sarah Yip

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