Dyeing my hair as an act of self-care (first time in 3 years)

First hair colour in 3 years. Woohoo. I have thought about getting a dye job hundreds of times since Charlie was little, but felt bad about the cost and chemicals. This week, I decided to go with my heart instead of my head.

Thanks Carole Haddad at Corcorz Hair for your help. As a 32/5 life path Rebel you’re amazing at breaking my thinking out of the box.

Background: I was raised with short hair, to avoid vanity. I always wanted braids instead of a bowl cut but the focus was on being academic and not socialising.

I craved ribbons, makeup, skirts and sandals but lived as a tomboy until Uni (when I learned to bellydance, which alleviated my PMS. Back then, I also wore evening gowns on campus and glitter! Made the science lectures go faster.)

As an 11/2 life path, I’m doing a lot of sacral (2nd) chakra healing. Connecting with my inner goddess has taken 40 years and 3 kids. I only feel like a proper mum now. Before Ziggy I felt I was pretending to be a parent until someone wiser arrived.

Colouring my hair is a congrats to myself for getting through his difficult birth (see part 1 of his story at sarahyip.com, just published).

Carole was like ‘you have gone grey since I saw you’. I said ‘yes it’s been so stressful with the hospital investigating things plus the breastfeeding pain. I need a change.’

Last time I had a cut and colour, I picked up great clients and started teaching @perfectpotion. As Coco Chanel (also an 11/2) said, ‘a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’.

Bring it on.


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