A Poem on Courage & Healing Visualisation

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” (Nelson Mandela)

In a departure from my usual articles, here is a poem and a gift to you. Listen to the audio of this visualisation (2mins 52sec) It was inspired by a reading I did today for a remarkable client, M. Scroll down for a meditation and I use with clients. Enjoy! Seeing 11:11 is a Spiritual reminder that you are a powerful CREATOR. You are ONE with Source. Will you eat your FEARS today or let them eat you?

A Poem for M.

The hardest thing to do is
what makes you whole again.
We come to Earth with wings,
then tuck them away for later use.

Forgetting our magic powers,
we come to a crawling halt.
Screaming at the sky for being too
high above us and too hard to reach.

Disconnecting from the reality, that
we are bigger than Earth itself.
Today I ask you to close your eyes.
Surround yourself with golden light.
Enclose yourself in a bubble of peace.

Visualise the stresses of life leaving your body
with every conscious exhale.
Feel the goodness of life entering your body
with every conscious inhale.
See the wings coming out of your back.

Healthy, strong and powerful.
Give your heart its wildest expression.
Allow yourself to breathe.
Hearts love nothing better than to fly.
They suffer from containment.

Imagine a halo above your head.
Reclaiming your Divinity.
Send the golden energy down through
your face and entire body.

So that if I looked at you, you’d be a
waterfall of bliss.

You came here to grow, not to stay safe.
Safety is the greatest killer of hope.
It is wiser to jump ship, and swim to new lands,
than to sink in five star luxury.

The sharks in our mind are a gift from our Soul.
Don’t fight your fears – bless them for
showing you the path of extinction.

True leaders have learned to
eat their fears for breakfast.
True followers wait around,
expecting to become lunch.

Fear comes from the head.
Trust comes from the heart.
What you listen to the most will
create your reality in this and
every future lifetime.
I wish you peace.

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