Queen B Luxury Beeswax Candles – 10% Off for My Fans

Christmas offer! If you love saving the planet, check out these luxury beeswax candles from Queen B Use code SarahYip for 10% off (one use per buyer).

Feb 2023 update – I include a Bee Totem and Heart Chakra meditation in Your 2023 Numerology Forecast, especially for the 4 life paths and those who could use some self-love! Check it out xx

Cate Burton, the founder is a 31/4 life path Heart (and Earth) Healer who left her corporate job to run the business fulltime at her life path age turning point of 31. Perfectly, honey has 31/4 vibration in numerology, the same as words like healer and garden…Find your life path

Candle making helped Cate to relieve her panic attacks (which I have also experienced since young.) Burning beeswax also purifies the air, which is great for asthmatics like me. I even squuezed a beeswax candle (unlit) during labour because I love the smell. It stops my thoughts instantly and relieves stress.

Amazingly, Queen B was the first company in Australia to make beeswax food wraps by hand. In the past 22 years Cate and her team have made over 2 million candles! 4 life paths are known for their work ethic.

Cate is a numerology readings client of mine and we created this offer as thank you for our followers. She’s never done a discount like this and I’ve never promoted candles before, so we hope you’ll support our collaboration!!

Pictured: Apple + Pear combo. 40 hour burn times, comes in a gift box RRP $80

Note: These candles were a gift. I do not receive commission from this offer. I regularly shop at Queen B as I’m a big fan of sustainable, local entrepreneurs.

Did you know? “At Queen B we only use 100% pure Australian beeswax in our candles – because it is Australian and of the highest quality in the world. Unfortunately, over 90% of candles sold in the market are made from paraffin – a petro-chemical by-product. Pure Australian beeswax costs around 50 times the price of bulk paraffin and 20 times the price of hydrogenated soy or palm oil.

Australian beeswax is the most expensive beeswax in the world (because our wax is free from chemical miticides). There are plenty of cheaper offshore alternatives available, but we will never compromise. You can be confident that you will always get a superior product when you buy a Queen B Beeswax Candle.”

“11:11 means follow the flames of love” xoxo

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