Ziggy is 1 Month Old!

Ziggy is 1 month old! I am 482 months (40yrs 2mths) old! Sobering calculation. I don’t feel almost 500 times wiser than him, that’s for sure. But we’ll work it out.

The past weeks have been a blur of 2-4 hourly feeds, painful boobs, bargaining with God and wanting to jump out of my body and fast forward time. I’m not a routine person so following a strict schedule has been fairly brain-popping.

Throughout this upgrade process, which I know is bringing me into alignment with Ziggy’s vibration, I’ve felt like I’m on a big waterslide, with nothing to hold onto but the faith that there’s an outlet somewhere with sunshine and solid ground.

As an 11 lifepath (double endings and beginnings, double potential for success and failure), big changes make up my life story. As I say, when it rains, it waterfalls. My joke is you can pick an 11 by all their extreme experiences – they have the autobiographies you can’t believe are true.

That said, Ziggy is the best baby. Calm, focused, good communicator (grunts when he needs something or you gossip about him plus telepaths his advanced needs). Just what we wanted.

It turns out, that having 3 babies in 5 years (Feb 2016 – Feb 2021) is not easy but is loads of excitement. Here’s the photographic proof.

Thank you babies, Kris, all our helpers and fans, the Universe and my hardworking body, for the most interesting life I could wish for.


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