When Women Reclaim Their Status as Creators, They Stop Being Reactors – Happy 29 February Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day 2020! Historically, this was a day that women ‘were allowed’ to propose to men (slight eye roll over here). Thank goodness we have moved past such a limiting culture…talk about strait-jacket sexism.

Here are some thoughts that have been stirring for me during this emotion-packed Mercury Retrograde.

If there’s one thing I’m noticing in 2020, a Universal 4 Year of Heart Healing and Perfect Vision, it’s that women are stepping forwards like never before.

Four themes emerging in readings and workshops include:

1) Women breaking free of the rat race* and internalised patriarchy (e.g. always rushing themselves and denying their bodies rest and comfort)

2) Younger women who are challenging their mothers to keep evolving. I think of a debate I got into on Facebook due to my Quaden Bayles comments. An extract is below, from The Numbers Queen – 11:11 Numerology by Sarah Yip 

“Michelle (surname deleted): Sorry I don’t believe that there is any excuse for allowing a 9 year old to post on social media like this. It is our responsibility as parents to monitor our children and know what they are doing online and keep them off it until they are old enough to understand it and how it’s there forever even when you click delete.

My reply: Michelle, the 9 year olds of today are as mature as the 29 year olds of previous decades. I work with children and teens and they are very awake.

Michelle: I have a 9 year old and I do not agree 🤪 my daughter sometimes acts like she is 9 going on 19…but 29…😳 how sad

My reply: Michelle, we are allowed to disagree, that’s the good thing about a democracy”

This exchange made me think, there is a fine line between protecting our ideas and letting them grow. See my post on Greta Thunberg, a Pure 9 lifepath Old Soul, who knew her purpose by age 9. I admit, I am biased here, as I was a child prodigy who knew her purpose by age 6-8 (to be a writer).

I also have two telepathic sons, who have been working with me since pre-conception. We do energy healings together, though they are only toddlers. I am not the only parent in this situation – see this post on psychic babies.

3) The connection between financial freedom and sexual freedom – women with locked jaws, stiff necks, hips and lower back issues – legacies of bending and twisting to please others and to never offend. This compromise has the crippling consequence of stifling our creativity and ability to create abundance.

Money is a relationship, and if you think it has to come from ‘one Source/ Go(o)d/ job/ man/ idea’, you’re going to have a rough time – life is meant to be an experiment! Tips for creating more cashflow are here, also see my webinar for therapists and post on The Old Way vs The 11:11 Way

4) The power of love to break brainwashing and spiritual curses. As much as I’ve never believed in spells and curses, of late I have come across a number of people suffering from delusions that they are unlovable, or forever destined to be poor/ single/ overworked etc. Words are a sword (note the anagram) that we can use to enchant and control our energy.

Kris and I have done a lot of ‘curse-busting’ in our 360 degree psychic readings this month, and the results are looking good so far. Lots of laughter and self-acceptance flowing once we kick out the energy vampires.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these insights – thank you for caring – you are an Angel in Human form, so please open those arms/ wings and give yourself a hug right now. It can only be done with love.

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Happy Birthday Mum! My 26/8 Lifepath Spiritual Boss and Teacher
You Can’t Not Belong – Four Ways to Forgive Your Family (Especially Your Parents) – this extract jumped out at me today:

“Your Mum (or mother figure/s) represents Flow – Gaia – Mother Earth. She taught you about abundance, trust and compassion. In numerology, MOTHERLAND, MENTAL HEALTH, MENTAL ILLNESS and MEDITATION all have a 47/11 vibration – they all rely on us finding a soft place to rest. 

When I judge a family’s wellbeing, I look at the mother’s health first. She reveals the true state of how things are going. Few families bloom without a mother’s sacrifice and labour. Look outside. Our planet gives us flowers, trees, birds, air, wind, water, oceans, seashells, sunsets, fertile ground for us to flourish. Things that we could never replace or make ourselves – intangible astonishment. What she doesn’t give us is eternal self-love, compliments or money – these are things we need to self-generate, especially as we mature. 

Your mother’s job wasn’t to give you all the love you wanted, it was to inspire you to create a happier life than she did. She was the water, you are the fish. Her gift to you was possibility – a chance to swim upstream. Your mother also taught you about true power. As someone who recently gave birth to a son, without drugs, I can tell you for sure – men definitely come from women, not the other way round! Women are not weak, they’re just differently strong to men. When they reclaim their CREATOR status, they stop having to be a REACTOR (note the anagram).

When we forgive our mothers, we start appreciating our creative power, and take better care of our bodies and the planet. We become willing to wait for other people, and open our heart’s pathways, which inevitably improves our love life and love of life, as we embrace our softer side.

Tip: Give your mother a flower. In numerology, FLOWER adds to 34/7, the same vibration as MOTHER, TEACHERS and EMPATHY. Mothers/ flowers represent the Goddess in and outside of you – your beauty…

Many psychics believe there is a connection between flowers and the Spirit World (maybe that’s why we bring them to births and funerals). When a plant flowers, part of it dies for the greater good – to produce the next generation. When a mother gives birth, part of her dies and is reborn in the same way.”

Special thanks to the Souls who have inspired me recently, especially: Michelle Worthington (my writing mentor), my husband and family, my amazing clients, Robin Bailey (who I’m seeing today at Bushfire Benefit by the Bay), and the staff at Perfect Potion – my next event with them is on 11 March (Chakra Palmistry). To Winnie Sempio, your words transform so much. To Suki and Diane, couldn’t do life with you (and the cupcakes).

To Sharon Zink, your work as a feminist writing coach is very liberating. To Leanne Barefoot Medium, I love your confidence. To Kate Denning, thank you for a wonderful palmistry and tea leaf reading. To Tia (Pulse Acupuncture), thank you for the consistent clarity. To Veronica Farmer, I believe in you. To Vivian and Jean at Quantum Healing Centre and to Red Tent Australia (‘m training to be a facilitator with them next week), you rock! To Lila and Robyn, thank you so much for helping our family, so I can keep writing posts like this.

And a special shoutout to Jo Wilson from Josephmark who is having her Blessingway today – sorry I can’t be there but I’ll be in touch soon with your baby’s numerology. 11:11 wishes always.

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

If you found this post helpful, then please:
– Share it with your friends. Knowledge is freedom! Please, send them a link to this page rather than copying and pasting.
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