Weekly Tarot & Numerology Forecast for 4 Nov

My weekly Tarot & numerology forecast is up (22min)! Watch it now on Facebook (I reply to all comments), or YouTube.

Includes: Final U.S. election insights and how there’s global alchemy going on with the new generation of psychic children upgrading all of us. I also discuss the spiritual meaning of ankle injuries/ putting our feet down.

0min -My 11:11 rendition of Amazing Grace – “Amazing Grace/ How sweet the signs/ That wake the Soul in me, I saw the ones/ And knew at once/ I came here to be free” (lyrics copyright Sarah Yip 2020)

10min – Tarot for the next 7 days: The Lovers, King of Cups, Ace of Cups A return to love is coming! Earth is going into a beautiful healing now.

13min – Q&A from viewers: water and intuition, EMF, the spiritual meaning of eczema, how to do space clearing without sage and incense (also see this webinar on developing your intuition, which talks about the difference between intuition and psychic ability) etc.

20min – Elfen Harmonics chakra chimes healing

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