The Medical Stigmata in Palmistry, aka Why Having a Baby is a (Working) Holiday!

Do you have healing hands? As a professional palmreader in Queensland, I often see the medical stigmata in my client’s hands. These markings suggest that someone has strong healing abilities. They are also called Samaritan lines.

Please note: Even if you don’t have these markings, you may be an amazing healer! Lines can come and go in palmistry. There are many signs for healing, but for brevity, I’m only focusing on one of them today.

Medical stigmata are a series of fine, vertical lines that appear under the Mercury, or Pinky finger on your hands. They appear above the Heart Line. Learn about which hand to read in palmistry. Most people who come in for readings have some sign of them, as they are also a sign of intuition. We attract who we are!

Some people say that the number of medical stigmata lines correlates to how powerful your healing abilities are, for example four lines bring wisdom and seven lines show a ‘healer of healers’ – see this article. Others claim they can pinpoint what fields of study you should go into based on these lines.

I’m not fussy. If I see at least three lines, I will talk to my client about ‘healing the healer within’. The reason is, I believe that lines on our hands change and grow, based on our choices in life. My medical stigmata have increased in number, length and depth as I’ve gone deeper into psychic readings. Read about the courses I’ve studied.

The medical stigmata formation is found in the ‘Mercury’ area of the hand, as the little finger is called the Mercury finger in palmistry. Mercury, or Hermes, is the winged messenger of the Gods and associated with communication, medicine, travel and the business world. You could say that a healer’s job is to ‘move people on’, be it mentally or physically!

The benefits of having medical stigmata in palmistry:

-You know that health is the greatest wealth, and are drawn to personal growth and wellness fields. You have the ability to make a successful career out of your knowledge and skills e.g. through counselling, health therapies, psychic readings, charity work or any field where people need inspiration.

-People open up to you, as they sense that you can assist them with guidance and advice (assuming that you combine this intuition with spiritual maturity).

-You have the potential to heal yourself and others with kinds words, touch and intention. That said, don’t forget the Stephen King quote “talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work”.

Stephen is a Master 33 lifepath in numerology, which I call the Master Healer purpose. Those with Master Numbers in their lifepath and/ or numerology (I am a Master 11 lifepath) are here to do twice the evolution. They often have challenging starts in life. Find your lifepath.

-You tend to attract good karma and relationships due to a naturally high level of altruism and concern for others. You understand the concept of ‘paying it forwards’.

The challenges of having medical stigmata in palmistry:

-You must follow your path, or financial, addiction and intimacy issues could repeat throughout your life. The Universe won’t let you off the hook until you keep your promises to your (Higher) Self! You set the standards for how people treat you.

You see, we come to Earth with a purpose (lifepath) that our Soul has chosen before birth. Accepting our spiritual job description is an act of self-love, which opens our lives up to massive synchronicities like seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers, meeting our soulmates etc.

I’m not saying that as soon as you study and practice healing, all your problems disappear – as long as you are alive, you’re here to learn. What will happen is that you’ll solve your current issues and receive new ‘projects’ to work on, giving you an incredible sense of satisfaction. Remember, your love of life directly impacts your love life. Happiness is an attitude, which comes from feeling ‘on track’.

-Until you follow your intuition, you’ll keep coming across identically difficult people and obstacles. At some point, you may need to radically change your career, relationships, beliefs and lifestyle to surround yourself with love rather than restriction.

This is even more likely if you have Silk Skin and/ or see 11:11 on clocks. People with these features (including myself) often start off ‘normal’ and end up exploring the Universe in extraordinary ways. This journey makes it easier for others to relate to us in our roles as spiritual teachers.

You tend to be as happy and abundant as the five people closest to you. Don’t shortchange yourself and others by putting up with crap! See these articles on overcoming bullying and criticism.

-There are no shortcuts. You must BE love to create it! There’s a reason they say ‘healer, heal thyself’. I have met countless people who are intent on ‘fixing’ their relatives, children, workmates, etc. to the point that they neglect their own wellbeing. This is not what the world needs. You can’t teach someone to eat when you’re starving (see Hong Curley’s wonderful book Freedom to Love).

-Sometimes you’ll become sick or injured, so that you can learn how to heal yourself and others. After all, a ‘stigmata’ is a holy wound. Although pain happens, suffering is optional (another Hong quote). There’s no substitute for real-life recovery, especially in the spiritual fields. I am grateful for my history of eating issues, challenging breakups, and struggles around becoming a psychic (read more) because I can now look anyone in the face and say ‘healing is always possible – there is no death but ego death’.

More on the Mercury finger in palmistry

Traditionally, someone with a long* Mercury finger has a good memory, flair for languages and is a sensitive speaker, writer and/ or teacher. Mercurian or Mercurial people are fun to be around for this reason – when healthy, they are witty, sparkling, romantic and fascinating. Out of balance, they can be sneaky or deceptive.

*A long finger is one that reaches to the second phalange of the Ring or Apollo finger. See the yellow line in the photo at the beginning of this article. If your Mercury finger is shorter than this, you can still be a clever communicator but it may take more effort and perseverance.

Keep in mind that many people have a low-set Mercury finger, i.e. their finger starts up to 1cm below their Ring finger. This feature suggests they are a late bloomer, who didn’t learn to speak up until their late 20’s or 30’s. I see this in children from separated families and people in the personal growth field. They are learning to be more realistic in relationships, especially if they have a Girdle of Venus (read more).

As someone who has this feature, I believe it signals a non-confrontational personality who often writes to clear their mind. Counselling, journalling, music and dance are beneficial for their emotional health.

Why Having a Baby is a (Working) Holiday

As you may know, I’ve got a one-month-old son called Forrest, so I’m currently on maternity leave from psychic readings. Read his amazing 11:11 birth story. This is quite refreshing, as these days, I only need to read one person’s mind a week! I’m serious – it’s easier raising a baby than running a business by yourself, especially one that attracts a lot of scepticism and unconventional Souls.

When you have the Medical Stigmata, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to save people, when that’s their job.

People need a hand up, not a hand out. Sometimes the best way to heal the world is to remove yourself from the madness, and take a good nap. Check out these affirmations for workaholics. I love “The slower I go, the faster I grow.”

Of course, I’m still ‘working’ as a mother, but apart from the sleep deprivation, I’m enjoying the opportunity to practice what I preach. You see, the true test of someone’s mental discipline is their ability to meditate in chaos – anyone can relax during a yoga class but it takes serious willpower to do it while breastfeeding a screaming baby for the 20th time at 4am…

So instead of meditating before and after I do a numerology session, I now get to ‘be present’ round the clock. Motherhood is definitely a crash course in enlightenment.

Here’s what’s keeping me sane as a new mother:

-Reading books like The Discontented Little Baby Book by Dr Pamela Douglas (it busts common misconceptions about reflux, colic, overstimulation and controlled crying and encourages cued care, safe co-sleeping and getting help with breastfeeding.) I wish I’d read it earlier!

-Australian Bush Flower Essences, e.g. Abund Essence (great for breaking down barriers around receiving – read my story about Natalie Cook), Emergency Essence and Calm & Clear Essence.

-Counselling with Alison Lee, as I noticed some of my old eating issues and agoraphobia (fear of public places) returning after giving birth. Also continuing my mentoring with Caroline Byrd

-Babywearing Forrest using my trusty Manduca – see photo. He loves going for bushwalks!

-Catching up with friends and relying on the support of my loved ones and Kris. Continuing my yoga, meditation and chant practices where possible.

-Listening to beautiful music like Namo Namo (Sat Nam) by Ram Dass and Nirinjan Kaur and albums by Snatam Kaur.

As they say, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” Although it’s easier to be a mum when you’re psychic and have faith in your inner voice, I’m still learning so much each day – like how to pick up a fork off the floor with my feet!! The fun never stops when you’re a student on Earth…

2022 update – We now have 3 psychic sons under 7 years old. So much joy. See the posts

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