Right and Left Palms Completely Different? You Could Be A Walk-in Soul

Walk-In SoulsIntro: I did a palmistry and numerology reading for Jade Joddle from Do Personality Testing last year. She has a great wit and brilliant ideas. I hope you enjoy her guest post.

When I had a psychic reading with Sarah, the first thing she said was ‘Wow! The lines on your palms* are completely different.’

When this had been pointed out by previous readers I was told the difference between my palms reflected my commitment to personal growth, which is certainly true of how I live my life. However, Sarah had an interesting addition to make in that she suggested I may be a walk-in soul – a person living out two soul contracts in a single lifetime. *Read more on palmistry – keep in mind that Jade is left handed so this is the hand I focused on.

Walk-In Souls PalmistryWalk-in souls are souls that agree to come in to replace the original soul that inhabits a body. The first soul checks out of the Earth plane and the new soul takes over with a new life contract to fulfill, in the same original host body. Instead of starting from scratch as a baby, the walk-in soul chooses to take on a role in an already mature body so as to get started with its mission as soon as possible.

The concept of walk-in souls had already crossed my path. It was an idea that intrigued me, based on some dated interview clips I’d seen from the 1970’s of UFO-hunting hippies who claimed they were walk-ins. Some of them seemed to have issues that sat somewhere between multiple personality disorder and amnesia. They made claims such as feeling as if they didn’t belong in their own bodies and some could even remember the exact time when their souls swapped places. Their experiences were wacky and not something I could personally identify with. Or were they?

In the same way that walk-in souls claim, I do feel as if I am a completely different person now to my previous/younger self. It’s a different feeling to just having grown up and matured: it’s like there’s no real sense of connection there between the person I am today and the one I used to be. When I put my mind to it, I can still recall memories and life experiences, but it’s as if the attachment or personal value within them has been muted or switched off. Perhaps a better way to describe it is to say I don’t have an attachment to my past.

In 2012 I had a profound spontaneous spiritual awakening. Everything in my life changed overnight from being stuck and heavy to all possibility. If I were to put a date on when my new soul walked in, it would have been at this time. As I reflect back, I see now that the awakening process for me was not just a couple of spiritually intense months back in 2012 – it’s still ongoing. However, those first few months were the peak of its intensity during which time ‘I’ was in some way reset. (Note from Sarah: many people started seeing 11:11 on clocks around this time…)

Being a walk-in soul is an interesting idea that rings true in many ways, though it’s one that I’ll never be able to prove (and this saves me from becoming a UFO-hunting hippy!). All I know is that I do have a very real sense of having a completely different destiny to the one I started out with, and this is what is reflected by my left and right palms being completely different.Thanks so much Sarah for your cosmically enlightening reading!

By Jade Joddle, fellow Starseed and (potential) walk-in soul

Relevant videos by Jade Joddle

In5d.com article on walk-in souls

Thanks for your sharing your story Jade, it’s a pleasure to know you! I’m still researching this topic, as past of my past life regression training with Toni Reilly. My left and right palms are also very different so the walk-in soul theory is something I’ve pondered too.

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Danielle on Tuesday, 15 September 2015 7:53 AM

I have two different palms – but have not had any strange or unexplainable exp. I also am just as strange as I always have been. Just older now . although eveyone I meet thinks my two different palms is creepy I have a feeling it means more .

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