Psychic Reading for Angela Hryniuk, Inspirational Speaker (she’s worked with the Dalai Lama!)

I keep meeting more amazing speakers and authors with fascinating hands. So here’s another profile, just for you! All photos have been taken with the writer’s consent.

2017 update – some pics to be re-added as time permits, they have been removed due to a website upgrade

Here’s Angela’s feedback from 15/7: “I am absolutely stunned how accurate and perceptive the reading of my hands, fingers and lines was. Wow! in one word. Everything Sarah mentioned in terms of life cycles, from “blossoming” in my 40s, having come from a neglected childhood to now living in a place of complete trust and more, is totally spot on and true. What really alarmed me was that my ring fingers are different lengths on each hand — something I had no idea about, AND that it holds significance. Thank you Sarah for taking the time and offering up your insight.” Woohoo!

Angela Hryniuk, founder of Diamond Thought, is a quiet superstar on the spiritual scene. That’s her in the centre of the photo. She’s worked with His Holiness the Dalai Lama & Bishop Desmond Tutu. Even more inspiring, she’s sat for over 36,000 hours on a meditation cushion. And did I mention that she’s the author of 4 books? Amazing, huh?I met Angela at a Red Tent Australia event in Brisbane, run by the gifted Jill Genet. I was going through some inner struggles at the time, mainly to do with self-confidence. So I really needed a boost!

The first thing I noticed about Angela was her incredible posture. A tall woman, she sat as gracefully upright as a dancer. The more she revealed about her journey from child abuse to enlightenment teacher, the more I felt an urge to pray. Since that night, I’ve meditated more than ever before, with delicious results. You could say that Angela helped me through psychic’s block (it’s like writer’s block, but harder to crack).

So what do Angela’s hands say about her journey from darkness to light?

-Angela’s left and right hands vary wildly, suggesting that she is an optimist. The lines on her left hand are fainter and shorter than on her right/ writing hand*. This is not a trick of the light. It’s the sign of someone who has overcome their childhood programming after great effort (i.e. late bloomers). In Angela’s case, she was sexually abused and neglected when young, leading to alcoholism into her 20’s. Fortunately, her healing helped her to escape this cycle, to the point that she now counsels people with addictions. My thoughts on alcoholism and spirituality

*Our non-writing hands show our inner/ past life/ younger self, while our writing hands show our outer/ present/ adult self. More on Palmistry Basics.

-I was surprised at how calmly Angela talked about her youth, given the amount of cr*p that happened to her. However looking at her hands, this makes sense. Angela has a Girdle of Venus (indicating severe trust issues), but only on her left hand (1). It does not appear on her right hand, which has a longer and healthier Heart Line (2). This means that in this life, she has learned how to love, her Heart Chakra has opened, and she has let go of sorrow.

-Angela’s right palm is squarer than her left, suggesting she is more practical and objective now. Notice the smaller Luna mount (3) on her right hand – Luna is the padding on the side, under the Pinky finger. Luna represents feelings, idealism and mother connection and an enlarged mount is linked to alcoholism. It looks like Angela no longer lets her emotions rule her. Angela quoted Warren Buffett on the night as saying “How can you manage your money, if you can’t manage your emotions?” So true!-She has silk skin, indicating someone who innately empathic and who thrives in a gentle, calm atmosphere or natural setting.-Her left Jupiter (Index) finger is longer than her Apollo (Ring) finger on her left hand, but the reverse is true for her right hand. I rarely see this big a difference – it means that she has gone from a controlling and serious child to a more carefree and liberal adult. What a breath of fresh air!

-Angela’s Fate line is deeper on her right hand – no surprise as this represents your Crown Chakra, or connection to your soul/ God. People develop a Fate line when they feel ‘on purpose’ and take responsibility for their actions. Meditation is a wonderful way to develop your Fate line.

-Angela has Loop and Tented Arch fingerprints (not shown). Loop people are very sociable. Tented Arches are uncommon. They indicate a love of music (Angela is a big fan of chanting) and inspirational speaking ability (she’s definitely on track with that).

Angela’s date of birth is 17/3/1963, which makes her a lifepath 30/3. That means that her life purpose is Communication and Art. 3 looks like a pair of lips, and it represents the Solar Plexus Chakra (courage, leadership, willpower and personal creativity). The 0 acts like a magnifying glass, meaning that Angela wanted to nail the lesson of ‘speaking up’ and overcoming the fear of criticism in this lifetime.

Angela has the 3-6-9 line of Intelligence, Spirituality and Opinion on her date of birth. This shows someone who can organise others, give strategic advice, make $$$ easily and learn quickly. No wonder Angela’s made a living from running workshops on Enlightenment and Money. She is missing the 2-5-8 line of Emotional Navigation, which suggests that it takes her a long time to process her feelings and that she keeps certain things private.

Her full birth name adds to a 93/12/3 vibration, which is good for writers, children’s counsellors and musicians. The 12/3 may attract power struggles whereby the bearer must overcome bullying and take back their power. Angela said to us “If I can help one person, the abuse will have been worth it.” Ahhh, this made me cry. Her soul urge of 41/5 suggests her heart blossomed from her early 40’s.

Incredibly, her known name Angela Hryniuk = 22+43 = 65/11, the exact vibration of the word ENLIGHTENMENT. Yes, really! I always say that Enlightenment stands for ‘In Light You’re Meant’ to be, and Angela is a real-life example of this. You actually feel the glow that comes from her eyes. Read more on 11.

Looking at Angela’s numerology, she is in a 27/9 Personal Year until March 2015, which means she is concluding 9 years’ of achievement. This is a good time for her to travel, reflect on her progress and receive her good. Next year, her 28/1 Personal Year will be a brilliant time for new ideas and goal-kicking.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Being a psychic reader is a joy and I appreciate your support. Please note, all comments made below will be reviewed before they appear online.

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