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Want to know more about your lifepath? Your key turning points?
The secrets in your name? Then this class is for you!

Your Life Purpose & Name Gifts Revealed
with Sarah aka The Numbers Queen
Wednesday 13 February 2019, 6.30-8.30pm AEST, please note I tend to run overtime
Zoom webinar (link sent to attendees 24-48 hours before the call).
Cost: Earlybird offer of $30 for current students (who purchased the 2019 Forecast and book by 19/1) or $40 for new students. This package includes an invitation to the online event, a recording of the call and a handout of my notes.

Suggestion: It would be ideal if you’ve watched my 2019 Numerology Forecast webinar before attending, but it’s not essential.

What we’ll cover:
-Strengths and opportunities for lifepaths 1-9, 11, 22, 33 and 44, with examples and key age turning points. Find your lifepath
-Name numerology basics – how your birth and current name influence your career, mindset, relationships and lifepath expression. See my readings for famous people, e.g. this one for Charlie Chaplin and this one for Dan Millman (The Life You Were Born to Live)
-Hints for choosing baby names and changing names e.g. due to divorce/ marriage. See my posts on choosing Forrest’s name and Charlie’s name as a starting point.
-Putting it all together – how to create a reading based on what you learned (in this webinar and the 2019 Forecast)
-Question and answer time

Sound good? If you’re ready to dive in, please buy with Paypal below. Don’t have Paypal? Email me for bank details.  Please note, it can take me a week or so to reply to queries due to having a young family.

Your Life Purpose & Name Gifts Revealed – Webinar 13 Feb 2019
DOB dd/mm/yyyy (for lifepath)
How you found out about me?

Things to know:
All classes are recorded. Confirmations will go to the email address you paid from i.e. your Paypal email unless you advise otherwise.
A link to the video replay and PDF notes will be sent to this email, around 1 week after the call. There are no refunds except for medical or other emergencies (documentation will be requested). If needed, I can transfer your credit to readings, workshops etc. within 12 months of your payment. You just need to contact me at least 72 hours before the call. Thanks for your help.

I look forwards to seeing you there!

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Previous Events: 2019 Forecast Webinar Available! Learn numerology in this exciting class ($30).

Want to know what 2019 will bring?
Seeing numbers like 11:11, 111, 222 and 333?
Keen to learn numerology and/ or know you are a lifepath 3 or 33?
Like to know how to do your own personal year forecasts?

Be part of the 11:11 revolution by purchasing this 2.5 hour webinar on awakening, lifepaths and predicting your future through personal years. I’ve included my best 11:11 and numerology tips from thousands of readings and more than 40 workshops. You will feel totally inspired after watching this event. I include a handout of all notes too. This was my debut online event. Future ones will have less minor delays.

Here’s some feedback:

Lisa: “I absolutely loved your style and your authenticity shone through like a beacon for me. The fact that you were navigating yourself around trying to find the best method was brilliant, because your personal commentary came through which was open and honest and so non –threatened or ‘put out’ – I really wouldn’t worry about those technical issues, you will just grow with it.  I particularly loved the part when someone phone in and said that she could hear this high pitched noise all the time and it was the crickets from your garden!!

I would describe your class as a must listen to! In fact I have to work out how to down load it onto my phone so I can listen to it in the car again and again. It was fascinating, positive (and) re-enforcing whilst being a fabulous REAL introduction to Numerology that was logical and has inspired me to do my own reading. Lol. I would like to listen to anything you have to say, so I have signed up for the 13th Feb webinar today.”

Beth: ” Just loved your honesty and no fluff presentation… You speak from experience/practice of your craft and you speak from your heart. This webinar has deepened my understanding and has given me a greater insight. Looking forward to next time.”

Grace: “Really enjoyed it, relevant and fairly simple for someone who is “testing the waters” of numerology. Am enjoying putting numbers to words from your numerology table and getting a sense of what energy comes with the numbers. Looking forward to other classes, and will continue to read your newsletters.”

Mel: “Sarah’s webinar is a must if you are interested in learning the fundamentals of numerology. I love the down-to-earth sense of humour and clarity she brings to her teaching style. Numerology offers a wonderful framework for self-reflection and self-understanding – rather than berating myself over past choices, I can see how all experiences are part of a bigger learning journey. Thanks Sarah!”

Shubha: “What a way to start the new year: with hope in my heart, excitement about a new dawn and Sarah’s webinar!! It was just the guidance I needed to follow the call of my soul this year. Every lifepath was addressed in that however I enjoyed it even more since I’m master lifepath 33. She spoke to my inner calling.

I could get most of the stuff as I have been reading her blogs, however she started with ABC so even a novice could follow. No one does master numbers like Sarah. Noone does spiritual parenting like her either, something I needed to know at this phase in my life. I especially loved the Q n A, and her patience with all of us during that section. I found Sarah to be far more humble and approachable that I had imagined.

When Sarah had announced a webinar (and honestly, at an affordable price too), I was excited. I signed up even without being sure I would be able to attend it due to my scheduled travel, however life worked its way around her webinar and I enjoyed every moment. Know when you are in the “flow”, during a nature walk or a soul talk with your bestie or performance that moves you, and everything “clicks” with lots of eureka moments? That’s what the webinar felt like. Being satisfied with just one webinar however is like having just one bite of chocolate icecream and saying one is done, so I’m definitely signing up for the next one!”