Nulistix numerology class feedback please

Help please! I’m writing my relationships and palmistry class and hit a roadblock that’s making my eyes boggle like this bee’s.

One of my teachers (see image) has not answered my emails for a while, despite me practically writing an essay begging for access to his digital offerings.

So I’m unsure whether to talk about his work on the call or to include this book in references.

-Have you bought his Nulistix numerology classes online?
-Were they similar to my classes?

He’s done many helpful readings for our family before, right up to this year. Our sons even have some of his kids’ toys.

However both times I paid $99 for his beginner numerology class, which is a pre-requisite for further classes, he refunded me.

I think he’s also removed me from his news list, although I can’t be sure.

Apparently, his business partner says I might steal his work, even though I offered them full access to my webinars to check for plagiarism, and they have my phone and address. I also openly blog about hating plagiarism.

I got feedback that because I studied with him a decade ago I know what’s in the beginners course, but that’s not feeling right.

They said they will give me access to his advanced course, however that’s been said for years now.

Over the years, I have promoted this author’s books to all my palmistry and numerology students plus blogged about them to millions of fans. For example, see: Numerology Books and Blogs I Recommend for 11:11 See’rs in Australia and Worldwide

So I’m feeling a bit sad about the situation and would to know for sure, if it’s true that the course is ‘too easy’ for me.

Thanks in advance for your advice! Let’s hope it’s all been a big misunderstanding between two super busy people.

Background: I’m finishing a post on the Irwins and when I wrote about Bindi’s comments on how her grandfather doesn’t return calls, it reminded me to clear this dynamic up in my own life.

Every one we meet is a mirror.

Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to get to the bottom of communication issues.

See my next post about windows.

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