Lifepath 1 Numerology – Prime Minister or Bad Boy? 28/10/1 and 37/10/1 Lifepaths Revealed

Want to know your life purpose? Numerology has the answers!
It’s easy to discover your lessons in life and recipe for success.
 Just add your date of birth up from left to right until you arrive at a single digit between 1 and 9. If your date of birth adds to 11, 22, 33 or 44 do not reduce this further as you have a Master Number lifepath. Find Your Lifepath
From tonight I’m writing a series of posts on selected life paths, to help you to learn more about yourself. I’d like to dedicate this to Dee, Kris, Debbie, Deniz Akan (crystal healer) and Dan Millman for their inspiration. Please note, I use the terms life purpose and path interchangeably.
Lifepath 1 Numerology

If your date of birth adds up to 28/10 (e.g. 27/1/1980 = 2+7+1+1+9+8+0 = 28 = 2+8 = 10) or 37/10, you have a 1 life path in numerology. You’re here to be a pioneer and action hero/ heroine. You won’t be happy until you reach the top. Lifepath 1’s are better at starting than finishing projects. They have the charisma and drive to get what they want in life, as long as they’ve found their passion. They’re single-minded and have a burning need to ‘be someone’ (puns intended).  I recommend researching the Root Chakra (security, physical body and your family tree), as this is the chakra you are healing in yourself and others this lifetime. Some info on the Root Chakra and past lives is here. 

Lifepath 1’s have an uncanny knack of becoming Australian Prime Ministers!

 Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard, John Howard AND Paul Keating are all Lifepath 1’s.
 Not to mention Peter Beattie and Anna Bligh (Queensland Premiers). See my psychic reading for Anna Bligh.

No prizes for guessing that Kevin Rudd is the odd man out. He’s an eccentric lifepath 7 (his campaign motto was Kevin07!), Bob Hawke was also an anomaly, as a humanitarian lifepath 33. I note that Campbell Newman and Clive Palmer are change agent lifepath 3’s, here to rock the establishment.In the United States, many Presidents and political figures have 11 lifepaths, including Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Colin Powell, Jackie Kennedy Onassis etc.) 11’s are like a supercharged version of the 1 lifepath. You need extra mojo to run a big country right?

Pros: You can trust a lifepath 1 with your life. They’re everyday superheroes. They’re generally loyal, courageous and will back you up in a fight. 1’s motivate others to stand up for themselves. They always live to fight another day.

Cons: A lifepath 1 without purpose can develop addictions and anger issues. They hate being controlled or told what to do. They can be overly arrogant, blunt, insecure and rebellious at times. Must learn to delegate.

Ideal Careers for lifepath 1s: Anything where they get the credit. 1’s love recognition and the chance to prove themselves. They make excellent actors, firefighters, entrepreneurs, policemen/women, politicians and athletes.

Lifepath 1 relationships: A 1 needs someone who can keep up with him/ her. They are competitive and proud, and need a partner who will support their dreams while keeping their private life under wraps. Lifepath 1’s have high drives in bed – hence the term one-track mind! You have been warned. You will be dating an Alpha male/ female.

28/10/1 Lifepath Numerology

If your date of birth adds up to 28/10/1, you’re a street-wise fighter for independence. The 2 gives you diplomacy and intuition while the 8 shows someone who never gives up. You have magic powers from past lives, including good instincts and healing hands. Alternative medicine benefits you a lot. You have power struggles with parents and/ or bosses until you realise that they’re just doing their jobs. You can go far in life IF you stay fit (running/ aerobics are good) and pick a life of adventure. Routine is not for you!
Famous 28/10/1 Lifepath Celebrities
-My husband Kris Anderson (!) He’s an actor and Tarot reader in Brisbane
-Eminem (1’s can be bad boys, see my comment about authority issues above)
-George Clooney (ditto)
-Hugh Jackman (did I mention that 28/10’s can be hot?!)
-Scarlett Johansson (also hot)
-Sean Connery (hot again – the ‘one’ Bond everyone agreed on)
-Steve Jobs (well, he had an attractive mind…if you like Macs)
-George Lucas (magic powers and Jedi Knights go hand in hand)
-Martin Luther King, Jr.  & Maya Angelou (amazing activists)
-David Letterman (1’s love to run their own show…)
-Tom Cruise (you don’t get more Alpha male than him) Katie is a 1 lifepath as well, see 37/10/1 celebrities below.
-Tiger Woods (1’s love to win). His ex-wife Elin Nordegren is a gentle 2 Lifepath. They would have been the perfect couple (Tiger in charge and Elin as his cheersquad) if only he could have controlled himself.

-As above: Tony Abbott, Paul Keating, Peter Beattie, Anna Bligh.

Prime Minister or Bad Boy? Current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was a student boxer and politician who was beaten up at a university conference (1’s attract conflict). He entered a religious seminary but left, realising that “I just didn’t have what it took to be an effective priest”. He got married and had a family instead. I’m guessing the strict discipline would have been a challenge given his natural feisty spirit.

37/10/1 Lifepath Numerology

If your date of birth adds up to 37/10/1, you’re a whip-smart thinker with plans to change the world. The 3 gives you wit and logic while the 7 makes you a spiritual teacher. You need contact with nature and swimming or water sports are good for calming you down. You bloom later than a 28/10, as the lifepath number shows the AGE at which you truly mature. You must get a good education as it helps you to believe in yourself.

Famous 37/10/1 Lifepath Celebrities
-Charlie Chaplin – see my full numerology reading for him (two parts)
-Napoleon (he was definitely an over achiever – he finished his studies in one year instead of three which is typical of a 37/10. They can be nerds! He said “I had but one goal; to reunite all, reconcile all, have all hatreds forgotten, bring everyone together…” Sounds like he knew his 1 life purpose inside out.)
-Katie Holmes (she set her mind on Tom Cruise as a kid and got her wish – 1’s are both persistent and opportunistic. Two 1’s in a marriage can be hard as both people have busy careers. I note that Katie had a 4.0 GPA and her father wanted her to be a doctor.)
-Lady GaGa, who said “I’ve always been famous, it’s just no one knew it yet.” 1’s often have groupies and she’s no exception!
-As above : Julia Gillard and John Howard. I always admired Julia for becoming Prime Minister of Australia…of course a 1 lifepath did it first! 😀
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