Killing the Buddha to Resume Your Buddha Nature

A Zen master will say, ‘Kill the Buddha!’ Kill the Buddha if the Buddha exists somewhere else. Kill the Buddha, because you should resume your own Buddha nature.” Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (28/10/1 life path Pioneer)

Powerful quote for this new moon week as we approach 2021, a 5 Year of Radical Truth and Freedom. Thanks to Adrian Nathaniel​​ (Argonaut Financial Planning) for the inspiration.

Around 28yo, his lifepath turning point age Suzuki Roshi left his monastery where he was content, to return home and find a new, more challenging teacher. He also had a brief, failed marriage. 1 lifepaths teach us to ‘get things done’ rather than to dwell in the past or future. Find your lifepath

I just had a much-needed Reiki and crystal distance healing with Deniz Akan​​ (also a 28/10/1) as I was feeling stuck around releasing my next stand-up comedy set. I could feel my ego saying ‘it’s not spiritual enough, what will people think?’

After the session, I recalled that my life purpose is to teach kindness, and that means letting every part of me see and experience the light, not just the bits that I think are lovable.

I have been researching cults recently to prepare for my 2021 forecast webinar (bookings open soon). Again and again I found evidence that people in power mistreat women and their subordinates behind the scenes.

It occurred to me that by hiding my creativity, I am doing a little of the same thing. Suppressing my heart, tribe and dreams.

Only when you reveal ALL of your team are you truly being an 11:11 Messenger.

Secrets lead to corruption, when kept out of fear. It’s time to let the illusions go. We’re all wonderful, funny and tragic in our own special ways. Everything and everyone, belongs in the grand scheme.

May you find a hidden part of yourself and love it again today with gusto. The time is 111 as I post this, of course!

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