Joint Psychic Readings

Inside Your Joint Psychic Reading with Sarah and Kris
Want a 360 degree view of your life? Here’s a rare chance to have two readings in one, with myself and my 11:11 Soulmate, Kris Anderson. We’re one of the few husband and wife teams in Australia, combining numerology, clairvoyance and Tarot for total coverage of your future. Not only did we meet at a psychic fair (see the interview), our toddlers are telepathic. We know what it’s like to live boldly while being highly sensitive people.

When: We’re available Wednesdays and other days by request (email to inquire)
How: We’ll talk via phone or Zoom. Gold Coast in person sessions also possible (at Highland Park).
Why the 1-2 week wait? We value quality over quantity, and only work with a handful of people per week. This allows us to focus on your wellness, plus raise a young family.

Investment: $385 for 90 minutes (and 30 min prep). These fees are amazing value when you consider the amount of energy we bring to the reading. Allow 5-10min extra for setup. These prices include preparation, a handwritten chart if you’re a new client, email followup and the actual reading.

Please note, prices are in AUD and include G.S.T for Australian clients – I will send a tax invoice. They say, ‘if you think it’s expensive to see a professional, wait until you hire an amateur’. Our sessions look like an investment, because they are. We do this for a living, and offer a money back guarantee (if you let us know there’s an issue during the reading). See  testimonials below.

Your 90 minute session includes:
– 30 min with Sarah, covering your numerology and ways to clear your stuckness. I mainly discuss your lifepath, personal year and messages from your Spirit Guides  (for fuller coverage, see 1 on 1 Psychic Readings). As an experienced psychic, I work fast and you’ll be amazing how much we can cover in a short space of time.

-30 min with Kris, covering your Tarot spread (Celtic Cross) plus messages from the Faerie Oracle and other decks as needed. Kris uses the Thoth deck, which is one of the most inspiring, deep and beautiful decks you’ve ever seen. His down to earth, uncannily accurate reading style will give you the insights you’ve always wanted. Many clients say he is the best psychic they have seen.

-30 min with Sarah and Kris, to go through your questions, clarify what’s been uncovered and do further healing or coaching as needed. After we’ve met, we recommend a followup session every 6-12 months to keep yourself on track.

Sound amazing? Here’s how to book:

Schedule Appointment

1) Click Schedule Appointment
2) Choose from:
JOINT Reading with Kris and Sarah – Phone or Zoom (90min) or JOINT Reading with Kris and Sarah – Highland Park (90min)
Prices are in AUD.

3) Add meditations or call recordings as desired
4) Set time zone. The default is Brisbane, AEST times (GMT/UTC + 10:00h).
5) Select a date and time.
6) Fill in your name/s (We need your birth name and current legal name), DOB and contact details. These are kept private.
7) Send a 50% deposit via Paypal to confirm. You can also do a bank transfer, email Sarah to organise this option
and we’ll save your preferred date/s in the back end of the calendar.
8) We’ll email you to confirm your reading within a few days of receipt. Thank you.

Praise from clients:

“From the moment I walked in a felt a sense of calm and felt very welcomed. My reading was very accurate, it is amazing what comes up. It was a lot of fun as well with many laughs. I could have easily sat there for another hour. Not only did I walk out feeling positive and confident about the future but I had a sense of clarity. I will definitely be booking with Sarah and Kris again. Thank you both so much for my reading. Xx” Latoya (May 2019)

“There comes a time in your life when you arrive at needing a different perspective, fresh eyes and an open heart to help you explore new possibilities and new ways of loving life. Having a joint reading with Kris and Sarah yesterday provided that opportunity. Kris and Sarah’s authentic styles enabled a safe and welcome space to explore. Having a joint reading with Kris and Sarah provided the opportunity to gain both a masculine and feminine perspective – Brilliant.

The opportunity to ask questions in the session as well as having the Tarot explained by Kris was very useful. I also value Sarah’s attention to detail in providing additional resources for consideration post reading. Thank you Kris and Sarah for your authenticity and professionalism. I look forward to exploring with you again.” Gina (May 2019)

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the joint-reading on Wednesday, it was great to meet you and Kris, and I look forward to my next reading with you in 6 months or so. I was actually blown-away by how accurately you described my current life situation, the “quest for answers” I currently find myself on, and the deep personal challenges I have been facing lately.

Aside from accurately describing my life situation, I felt you truly understood exactly how I was feeling, and why I was feeling that way. And you provided me with the tools and advice (both spiritual and practical) that I needed in my life right now, to help me move on towards my Life’s Mission and Purpose.

I learned so much from you both, and I left our meeting with a deep sense of peace and wellbeing, like a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you so much, and see you soon.” Andrew (April 2019)

“I had a reading with Sarah and Kris today. It was pretty amazing. I have been feeling at a very stalled place in life, and they both put so much clarity and understanding in to what and why I am feeling this way. It all made so much sense. They are both funny and work so well together, giving such clear messages. At first, I really wasn’t too sure how it would go having them both do the reading, but, I can highly recommend having a joint reading. Thank you Kris and Sarah, I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with you both, until next time xo.” Trudy (March 2019)

“My husband and I went for a joint reading with Sarah and Kris – what a complimentary mix the two make. Sarah a structured reading that gets straight into the nuts and bolts and Kris with a flare for the dramatic that leaves you with a smile from the inside out. Thank you for the ‘food for thought’ and for offering a unique opportunity that is hard to come by.” Katrina and Michael (Dec 2018)