How I Stopped Nigerian Scammers Posting Fake Reviews on my Facebook Page

I’ve been targeted by Nigerian scammers for months now. They post comments and five star reviews on my Psychic Readings by Sarah Facebook page, containing ads for spell casters and dodgy psychic advice. Yuk!

When I posted about them online, they even replied in comments with more ads! Cheeky buggers. I also found them putting ‘dm me’ comments in my Facebook Live forecasts at The Numbers Queen, my 11:11 numerology page. These comments were confusing my viewers and created extra work for me on the calls, as you can imagine.

After getting tired of banning individual fake accounts and hiding or deleting their comments, I decided to ask my community for help. Thanks Grace C. and others for your wonderful tips.

Here is how I fixed the problem!

1) I went to Page Settings > Country Restrictions. Select Hide this Page from viewers in these countries. Enter ‘Nigeria’. (You can also block Nigeria on Facebook Live calls each time).

2) I went to Page Moderation > Block posts or comments containing the following words. I added ‘spell caster’, ‘Dr Kadiri’, plus the emails, names and phone numbers of the people who have been spamming my page.

So far, these steps have worked well. I’ll keep you updated if I find more hacks in future. Hope this helps you to protect yourself too.

FYI I also did my Detox Relationships meditation on the scam artists to remove any energetic hooks from my field and to understand the spiritual lesson of this annoying experience. In the meditation, the message was thtat these people were heartless, operating as a company and that I could defeat their tactics with persistence.

Around this time, I saw a lot of cockroaches (see my blog on their spiritual animal totem meaning) and got bitten by mosquitoes. I knew this was a sign I needed to improve my boundaries, protect myself and delete ‘buggy’ thinking, e.g. that I am helpless or can’t change things.

We are powerful creators and reactors (anagram). Choose your reality wisely because like attracts like!

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