Happy Birthday to Me! 36 Things I’ve Learned in 36 Years

WP_20170122_010Woohoo! Tomorrow I celebrate 36 years in this body! In honour of the huge journey it’s been, here is a heartfelt list of 36 things I’ve learned about life so far. The photo on the right was taken recently, it’s me with my fiance Kris and baby Forrest. We’re with Greg Dodge, who appears on many of the Conscious Wisdom Podcasts hosted by Kris. I am so blessed to have them around.

36 Things I’ve Learned in 36 Years

About Health

1) When stressed, stand barefoot on grass and breathe. It will pass. You are supported. Maybe not by all people, but always by Earth.
2) After a busy day, have a sea salt bath to wash away the energies of other people. Add magnesium for an awesome sleep.
3) It doesn’t matter how much it hurts, you can recover. Nothing is fixed, and the body/ mind/ soul always want to heal.
4) You breathe how you live. Small breaths, small life. Big breathes, big life. Learn yoga breathing if you can, it will bring you courage.
5) When your mind won’t shut up, get an acupuncturist to pin your third eye. Instant calm, and far less painful than analysis paralysis.
6) Can’t sleep? Stretch. Journal. Meditate. Perhaps it’s a Full Moon?
7) Cooking is like chemistry. It’s okay to be a mad scientist. When you use organic ingredients almost anything tastes good.
8) Drink spring water, it quenches your thirst sooo well plus gives you super duper intuition. Try it for a month and see.
9) Good health is the true measure of someone’s maturity. Get massages. Too many wars have been started by tense people.
10) Stay flexible. Stiff body, stiff mind. Bendy body, open mind.
11) Eat a lot of cake, preferably for breakfast. That way it never becomes an obsession. Ah, the joys of adulthood.
12) Carry food. You never know when you, or someone else, might need it. ‘Hanger’ (hunger-related anger) is never a good look!
13) Buy proper shoes. You only get one pair of feet for 80 years and once they wear out, you have to wait until next lifetime.
14) Go to the toilet when you need to. Your body can’t do it without you. It’s like a puppy. Care for it and it will help you fly.
15) Your doctor doesn’t know everything. After all, you’ve lived in your body forever, they’ve only seen you for five minutes. Balance their opinions with your own observations and research. See 8 Signs of a Good Doctor.
16) Childbirth is amazing. You can have a good experience, it just takes preparation and the courage to surround yourself with believers. One day of toil for 50 years of bliss is worth the effort.

About Relationships
17) Picture a sign above people’s heads saying ‘please, make me feel important’. This will keep you kind, especially around bullies.
18) People are either giving love or asking for love. If they attack you, it’s only because they’re empty. Help them if you can, but not at the expense of your own peace. A hand up, not a hand out.
19) People only cheat when they’re off purpose. So choose work and people you love. Your love of life affects your love life. Staying with someone you hate is like working just for money – a short term fix that closes your heart and dents your confidence.
20) Commit. You learn so much more from working out your issues with a Soulmate than from jumping from lilypad to lilypad kissing frogs. One person can open you up, just as one well can bring you everlasting water. It’s all about going deeper. Rise in love, it’s why you came here in the first place. That’s what 11:11 means – all of us growing up, and reaching our highest potential.

About Money
21) Don’t see bargaining as beneath you. Saving money is saving energy, and you’re not hurting anyone, because they’ll never sell to you below cost. That said, pay your staff fairly, you need them!
22) Money is fun. Treat it like a game and you’ll always win. It’s just a scorecard for your circulation. If it runs low, check you’re keeping promises to yourself and not just to others. Integrity brings wealth.
23) Spend wisely. Buy a $50 dress that makes you feel $500 better. Have a $80 healing that gives you a week of good rest. Save 10% of earnings as a gift to your future self. When you use money intelligently, the Universe responds with unbelievable abundance.

About Happiness
24) Don’t listen to anyone who hasn’t done it and succeeded. Unless they have studied people who have done it and succeeded. Then they’re even cooler.
25) Drive at the speed limit. It was save you fuel, sanity and life.
26) Getting on track is easy. Staying on track is hard. Coaches, cheerleaders and regular rest breaks are essential. My healers.
27) Talk to older people. They will remind you what to focus on. People, not stuff. Joy, not pain. Flow, not blocks. Simple pleasures.
28) Every now and then, give someone a present or compliment for no particular reason. It keeps the world going round.
29) Don’t give out of guilt. If you can’t wash the dishes without anger, leave them for someone else, or wait until tomorrow. Otherwise you just create more pain in the world.
30) Stay wild. Go into nature so often that half your facebook photos are trees and beaches. We need to celebrate simplicity.
31) Sing, a lot. It keeps you in tune, in your happiness and teaches other people to raise their own vibration. If you hear someone say ‘I hate my voice’ give them a hug and tell them ‘their voice’ is their intuition. They have a right to be heard. Want to find your song? Chant along to Deva Premal and Miten’s music as a starting point.

About Spirituality
32) Embrace your death in advance. Look in the mirror and promise yourself to live life to the max, until the day you die. This is a powerful way to stay objective no matter what’s going on.
33) Aliens exist. It’s ridiculous to think that we are the most evolved life forms in 100-200 billion galaxies. Surely there’s another tribe?!
34) Past lives exist. Just ask your kids. They often remember theirs, especially before seven. Or read books like Other Lives, Other Realms by Karen Joy. Once you recall you’re a Soul, life eases up.
35) When you die, everything will be okay. You won’t get burned in a pit. They won’t yell at you. It’s more like a graduation ceremony with Angels, teachers and friends. Consider having a regression.
36) Finally, after many decades of experience, I’ve learned that, people who don’t believe in psychics have either never had a great reading or are so gifted and blocked themselves, that they’re projecting their crap onto you. Let them be. Those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind!

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Vannessa on Friday, 27 January 2017 3:05 AM
Awesome tips!!! Thank you for this, wow you are incredible!!! Xox
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Richard on Thursday, 2 February 2017 7:26 PM
Thanks for sharing
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