Happy 41st Bear-thday Kris!

Happy 41st birthday (bear-day) to my husband, Kris Anderson​​!! 41/5 is the vibration of Twin Flames, Yin Yang and Kookaburra. We couldn’t be more different yet compatible.

You love heavy metal, I love chanting
You love pinball, I love yoga
You love cooking, I love eating 
You love sports, I love sleeping…
You love mountains, I love shopping

We both love dancing, singing and trees. We love kids and magic and breaking people’s brains. We love delving into mysteries and not resting until the truth has set humanity free.

We share astrology (both Aquarian monkeys) and numerology (1 life path with 11 later life energy and 11 life path with 1 later life energy). Find your life path

Together we have made 2.9 kids (Ziggy is practically baked now), a couple of businesses and a lot of people laugh.

I cry whenever I think about our future because I know it will keep getting better and better. I see us being old in a garden one day, having cookies and tea.

Thank you for being the anchor to my spaceship. For being the wise one. For caring about our family. For teaching me not to care what little minds think.

You’re a real sweetheart and I hope that this year (your personal 15/6 year of third eye chakra healing and letting go of the inner ‘Devil’ that judges you) is the most inspiring ever.

This bear from Pincadia (one of your favourite pinball parlours) is covered with the reasons I love you. I left space on the back for the boys to add more compliments once they can write.

Our clan is here for a good time and a long time. This Anderson family circus is the show I always wanted to be in.

Love you my giant care bear slash samurai slash tree hugger who won’t even kill flies. Have a good one Kris.


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