Happy 3 Year Anniversary! Thanks For Supporting My Psychic Blog

Today marks 3 years since I began this psychic palmistry and numerology blog. Wow. I never thought I’d get this far…Thank you so much for your support!
My first post on 30 August 2011 was on the Brisbane Ekka Show. Since then I’ve written 70+ articles as well as
read for, taught and met thousands of generous souls who have shared their joys and heartbreaks with me, in technicolour detail. What a humbling experience!
It’s been an exquisite recovery from my self-imposed exile in 2011, when I left a career, partner, house and the good opinion of my family and friends to chase my dream of becoming a professional psychic in Brisbane. I went to the brink of starvation and back in my journey to find the meaning of life. And it’s been worth it. After testing Spirit many, many times, I know now with 100% of my heart and soul that I am always guided and looked after.
I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve given up hope, only to receive help within minutes of praying. This is truly a kind Universe, and it’s my desire to share this finding with those who need hope.
The purpose of my business is to transform the public’s perception of psychics and their own intuition, from scepticism to love. It’s a big mission and I really appreciate your company along the way.
Thank you for reading and commenting on this blog over the years. Your encouragement has helped me keep growing and I am so grateful. I have collated and edited my blog articles into a series of books. Stay tuned for more details on these in late 2014.
If you have any further article ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Post me at The Numbers Queen on facebook or on my Master Number 11 page.
Please note, if you add a comment below it will not appear until I have a chance to approve it. Thanks for your understanding.
With best wishes,
Sarah Yip
0408 898 028 (SMS preferred)

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