The 3 Fingertip Types in Palmistry – What Your Hands Say About Your Love of Freedom

What do your your hands (and fingertips) say about your love of freedom?

What is this thing we call freedom? To me, it’s a way of living where every moment is new, and every breath is a million dollar gift. Let me explain further using a little numerology (my other pet passion!)The letters in FREEDOM add up to 39, which reduces to 12 and then 3.
39 /12/3  is the number of creative cooperation and represents the perfect balance of yin and yang, because 1 is male energy, 2 is female energy and 3 is child energy. The 3rd Chakra, or Solar Plexus Chakra, is your power centre. It regulates your free will, discipline and self-expression.So, freedom comes from accepting all sides of yourself and taking steps to reproduce, whether it’s through having kids, writing a book, manifesting an amazing career etc. Interestingly the letters in ROUTINE also add up to 39…so ROUTINE=FREEDOM!**

You can’t fly without flapping your wings…This is an important concept to grasp, especially if you want to increase your psychic powers. If you want to build a loyal audience for a TV show you make sure the show is on the same time every day so people can follow it – it’s the same thing with talking to your guides, you don’t have to use fancy methods to tune in, just show up everyday so they know where to find you!

That’s right…5 minutes of silence or prayer every morning is more effective than 3 hours once a week. It’s about regularity and consistency. Read more on meditation myths.

So let’s see where your love of freedom and routine shows up in your hands. The main thing we’ll look at today is your fingertips. Each time we have an idea it travels from our brain through our hands and out of our fingers so it makes sense that our fingertips show what types of results we are comfortable producing in life.

Fingertips can be roughly divided into CONIC, SQUARE and SPATULATE shapes.

We often have a mix of fingertips so just look at what the majority of your fingers are…Note: There are also POINTED fingertips but these are quite rare so I have lumped them under CONIC fingertips for simplicity.

If you have mainly CONIC fingertips, then the tips of your fingers taper to a rounded point. With CONIC fingertips we enjoy socialising, communication and change. There can be a tendency to start new things before we have finished others due to a love of juggling projects on the go.The main freedom you’ll crave is social freedom – the freedom to choose your associates, friends, lovers and to talk about your dreams with them. You may shudder at the thought of being more routine but hopefully now that we’ve seen freedom actually equals routine you’ll see that repetition is your friend. To succeed in life, it’s not about beating yourself up if you miss a daily walk or meditation, but about finding like-minded people to support you. I encourage you to join groups which interest you as this will fulfil your need for interaction as well as keep you on track with your life goals.

If you have mainly SQUARE fingertips then the tips of your fingers end in a fairly blunt or flattened way. With SQUARE fingertips you’ll love task-orientated work, structured environments and order. There can be a tendency to stay in situations longer than necessary because you dislike having to start all over again.

The main freedom you’ll crave is material freedom – the freedom of having enough money, a nice house to live in, a garden and time to spend on yourself. You will find it easier to keep routines than the other fingertip types but it can also take you longer to get comfortable with them. If you want to achieve a goal I encourage you to break it into steps and create a timeline. You can then tick off your milestones as you hit them. Remember to include rewards along the way. This will help you to stay on track and feel a sense of accomplishment.

If you have mainly SPATULATE fingertips then the tips of your fingers flare out at the ends as if you got them caught in a door! With SPATULATE (or spade-like) fingertips, you’ll love creative work, environments where you can be busy and inventive and lots of freedom to work on your own. There can be a tendency to shut off from other people because you are so involved in your personal projects.

The main freedom you’ll crave is mental and physical freedom – the freedom to implement your own ideas, have a shed or study full of things you’re working on and the opportunity to shine in your chosen fields. You’re probably a bit of a genius! You may find routine easy when it comes to your interests and difficult when it comes to other things. For example you might meticulously order your tools but forget to eat lunch or sleep because you have almost cracked that new invention. In terms of getting motivated, this isn’t really an issue for you as you are always high energy (ADD anyone?) What I would encourage you to do is to create balance by packing food and water before going out or getting plenty of sleep on your days off. Freedom comes from working with your personality, not changing it.

I hope you enjoyed ‘meeting’ your fingertips today – if you are interested in further study please check out my other articles or palmistry workshops… this post is just the ‘tip’ of the palmistry iceberg!

** P.S. NEW YORK also equals 39 – of course it does… that’s where the Statue of Liberty (Freedom) is…amazing huh? There really are no coincidences in life! See the Pythagorean alphabet-number system I use.

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Deep post, I enjoyed it. Someone else once said: Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.
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