Good Men Do Exist! My Husband Kris Anderson is One of Them

Good men do exist! I know this from years of searching. After a failed engagement at 21 it took a decade of heartbreaks and kissing frogs to find my equal. Until I was true to myself (and left charity work to become a palm reader), I couldn’t meet Kris (my 11:11 Twin Flame and husband). My heart needed to be wide open first.

Also see my Facebook forecast where I talk about good men

It’s been almost 8 years now and we are still in love, cooking feasts, telling 80s jokes and creating lots of happy kids and projects. Now that I’m booked out until mid-2021, Kris is doing more readings and Reiki. See Kris Anderson Tarot for more. He works from our home on the Gold Coast and can also read by Zoom.

If you want to talk to someone who understands 11 lifepaths and Master Numbers to a tee, look him up. He totally knows how to hack busy brains and be the messenger. No fuss, just facts and fun. Find your lifepath

Btw, here’s some happy snaps from a friend’s wedding on the weekend. We had a ball and the kids went crazy on donuts. Life is better with dessert. Is it time you let more pleasure in?

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I also recommend the books Attached by Amir Levine and The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong


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