Fun with Forrest – 11:11 Numerology in Action

What a week! I’ve never seen so many repeating numbers (11:11, 5’s, palindromes and my son Forrest’s lifepath 18/9) in such a short space of time.


Find your lifepath (it’s your lucky number)

Perhaps it’s because I’m approaching a 1 Personal Month in a 1 Personal Year in numerology.

This is a time of beginnings – in my last 1 Personal Year I started this business. Find your personal year

Sarah Yip Connection Creator Tribe of the Tree
It could also be the Connection Creator flower essence I’m using from Tribe of the Tree. I’ve met SO many helpful people since taking it. There’s also been a huge boost to my intuition. (If you order some, pls mention this blog).


Spirit uses numbers to remind us of their presence, and our life purpose. As a numerologist, I feel incredibly safe and protected each time I see the codes. It’s like seeing someone wave hello.

Some examples of what’s been going on:
A healing reminder


I was driving home when I felt the urge to turn right. I immediately passed a building and stopped to take a photo of the sign, ‘Eleven Temple’ (see top left and middle pics in the collage). I’d never seen this road before.

Sarah Yip 1818The sign was significant as I’d been talking to my friend Jacinta (a Master 22 lifepath born 11.11) minutes earlier about treating my body as sacred. I’ve been sick lately and needing to rest.


True story – at Jacinta’s house, I saw 18.18 on her clock. I thought, ‘Forrest did you do that?!’ He gave me this look (see pic).

Angels love to lunch


I went to eat with Rozina Daniels from Inspiration Nation (who introduced me to Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl, a while back). Before I gave birth to Forrest, I often got table 11 at restaurants. Since his arrival, I also get table 9 (see top right pic in the collage).

There are 40 lifepaths in numerology but for some reason, almost everyone I met this week was a 23/5 or 36/9. I talked to a 36/9 with a 23/5 boyfriend, just before I met my 36/9 friend who has a 23/5 son. I then went to see 23/5 comedian Fiona McGary, who taught me stand-up. We got table 5 (bottom left pic in the collage).

Geez. It’s probably because I have a cough, and 5 energy is abouthealing the Throat Chakra. We attract what we need to embrace.

Life’s a beach when you know numerology


I went to Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. This place has a Master 11 name in numerology, so it’s a power place for a Master 11 lifepath like me. The Gold Coast also has a Master 33 vibration. No wonder so many spiritual people flock here. As I parked, I looked down and saw space 11 (centre left pic in the collage).

I also noticed tower 18 in the centre of the beach (bottom centre pic). This is Forrest’s lifepath. Earlier that day, I’d visited Broadbeach and walked past tower 29, my lifepath number. Too cool.

Like mother, like son – baby psychic alert!


Forrest is a magnet for attention (see centre pic). Well, his 18/9 lifepath is the vibration of ‘love’! People say ‘I don’t like babies, but Forrest is different’, or ‘I feel so calm after holding him’. This makes sense as a 9 Lifepath is about healing suffering.
True story – I was reading at Rozina’s Self-Love, Spirit & Soul Fair recently (see pic).


As I was working alone, I passed Forrest around to be minded. Each time I looked up, he was giggling in someone’s arms. What a relief. Not many people know that I had severe anxiety after his birth. I kept thinking he was going to die (probably a past life issue).

It got to the point where I couldn’t leave the house. Then I had a dream where I left Forrest on a rollercoaster.


When I walked back, the staff were taking selfies with him, and he was smiling. I woke up, knowing that everything would be okay.Read more about predictive dreams. I also got professional help.

Forrest and I have a strong bond. He speaks to me in dreams or thoughts. Perhaps that’s why he’s so calm – he feels understood. Regular meditation is the key to my clairaudience (clear-hearing). Who knew that it would also help with motherhood?


At five months old, Forrest is a budding Tarot reader. If I put him on my knee, he’ll carefully pull out cards from a deck (see myfavourite Tarot decks for beginners), The other day, I drew the Nine of Cups (centre right pic in the collage). This is a positive card suggesting that all my wishes are coming true.


The image has both 9 (IX in Roman numerals) and 11 (XI) imagery. Both numbers are about dramatic change – 9 is the end of a cycle and 11 is a portal for spiritual acceleration. Perhaps 911 is the code for conclusions that lead to enlightenment?


11:11 and the Law of Attraction

As I wrote in this blog, the day I gave birth to Forrest, we arrived at hospital at 11:11. His midwife also sees 11:11. Among other meanings, 11:11 is a reminder of Oneness, and that we are multi-dimensional beings. Every thought we have, radiates out to
become reality (see how the 1’s look like mirrors, or radio waves?) 11:11 adds to 4, the number for the Heart Chakra. When we ask from a place of love, Heaven answers.

Forrest has a clear heart and therefore manifests instantly. At the Self-Love fair, someone said he would look cute in Converse shoes. I thought ‘there’s no way I’m spending $30 on them’. The next day, my sister-in-law Jodie (also a Master 11 lifepath), came over with a pair of new Converse shoes from an op-shop (bottom right pic in the collage). She had no idea of my conversation the day before.

Sarah Yip Suki BlanketAlso, I was looking at Forrest thinking ‘I need to use your blanket for a towel – does that make me a bad mummy?’


A second later, my friend Suki (from Party Palmistry) walked in. She said ‘do you want this baby blanket? I’ve been meaning to give it to Forrest.’ I couldn’t make this kind of thing up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into 11:11 living. When you work with the Universe, all the doors will open.
Sarah Yip Be Happy P.S. Forrest was crying and I was getting flustered at the beach. I looked up and saw this car parked in front of me. Now do you see why I never feel alone?
More on licence plate magic.

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

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