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Of the 108 billion people ever born on Earth, you are here now. You are a miracle, and you have a Divine purpose, which you chose before birth (along with your parents, body and birthplace). Numbers are the language of the Universe. When used correctly, they can predict earthquakes, sunrises, harvests and eclipses – why not the meaning of life?

Here’s the numerology system I’ve researched, which explains the numbers 1-9 and Master Numbers 1122 and 33. I cover your lifepath in detail in your psychic reading. My husband Kris also includes numerology in his Tarot readings in Brisbane. As a reference, we recommend Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born to Live, here’s my reading for him.

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Your numerology lifepath (or life purpose) is your ‘spiritual job description’, or the reason you incarnated on Earth. It comes from adding your date of birth from left to right, e.g. 5/3/1967 = 5+3+1+9+6+7 = 31/4 or a 4 lifepath. Unlike other numerologists, I do not reduce the day/ month/ year first, as this loses information. Both the 31 and 4 are significant – this person will experience big changes at the ages of 30-31-32 years to get them on purpose. 31 is literally, their ‘lifepath peak age’ and turning point*. They’re also healing their 4th/ Heart Chakra and learning forgiveness (read more below).

If the sum of your date of birth is 11, 22 or 33 don’t reduce this – you have a Master Number lifepath, i.e. double responsibility, spiritual protection and opportunities for global change. A Master lifepath doesn’t make you superior, just ambitious. Remember, we change lifepaths each lifetime so all powers are temporary. It’s like being a Superhero – you still have to choose wisely. You could fly twice as high but also crash twice as hard! I should know, because I am a 29/11. *Around my lifepath peak age of 29 (your lifepath is also a turning point), I took up numerology, changed houses, relationships and went full-time as a psychic!

Many children are incarnating with Karmic Debt lifepaths of 13, 14, 16 and 19 – if you are their parent, don’t miss this article on karmic debt numerology or generational numerology. Same goes if you are born on the 13th, 14th, 16th or 19th of the month.

Although your lifepath is only one aspect (around 50%) of your numerology forecast, it’s a great overview of your journey. Browse my psychic readings of famous people to see how I use numbers.

Words, names and addresses can be reduced using Pythagorean numerology. The system is:
1 2  3  4  5 6 7  8 9
For example, LUCK = 3+3+3+2 = 11 vibration. And yes, this does mean that changing your name alters your destiny – I always talk to clients about their birth, adopted and/ or vs married names in readings. Don’t like your birth name? Read this. You might also like my post on house number numerology

1 Lifepath (aka 10/1 Lifepath) The Pioneer – Beginnings
“Need to get it done? Ask a One” Looks like a tree (HERO=1) Root Chakra
Pros: Independence, single-mindedness, integrity, confidence and motivation. Cons: Aggression. Lifepath 1’s blaze a trail for others. See my guide to 1’sAnna Bligh’s reading and Miten’s reading. Also this 111 article. *NEW* Charlie Chaplin – The 37/10/1 Who Stood Up To Hitler.
2017 is a Univeral 1 Year and many 1 lifepaths have had big shifts during this time – see my 2017 Forecast for more. This post also discusses Chinese Astrology and global trends financially and politically.


2 Lifepath The Peacemaker – Cooperation
“Don’t know what to do? Ask a Two” Looks like a swan (TIDE=2) Sacral Chakra
Pros: Gentle, persuasive, charming, magnetic and highly intuitive. Cons: Shyness, moodiness and indecision.
Over-empathy. Lifepath 2’s are here to balance others and to conquer fear.
2018 is a Universal 11/2 Year and many 11 and 2 lifepaths will be feeling inspired to expand quickly – see below for more on 11 energy. June 2018 *NEW* A Guide for 2 Lifepaths. I’ve also written 22 Affirmations for 11:11 See’rs as repeating numbers will be appearing constantly to Lightworkers from now on.

3 Lifepath The Communicator – Creativity
“Seeking company? Ask a Three”
Looks like lips (HAPPY=3) Solar Plexus Chakra
Pros: Optimistic, sociable, logical, honest and creative. Considered a lucky number. Cons: Scatteredness and a childish streak. Lifepath 3’s are here to use positive words and joy to lift people’s spirits. See Robin Bailey’s reading and Jack Delosa’s reading
2019 is a Universal 12/3 Year and many 3 lifepaths will step up to leadership positions at this time, more details to come as we approach.

4 Lifepath The Builder – Security
“Want to know the score? Ask a Four” Looks like a flag (DESIGN=4) Heart Chakra

Pros: Stable, calm, fair and team player.
Cons: Rigid, stubborn or dogmatic. If you are a lifepath 4, you’re an unsung hero who brings order to chaotic situations. Read my guide to 4 lifepaths and see Ian White’s reading and Karen Jacobsen’s reading. *NEW – March 2018* Hong Curley’s reading
If you see 11:11, this is an awakening code for the Higher Heart Chakra and Universal Oneness (1+1+1+1 equals 4).

5 Lifepath The Rebel – Risktaking

“Need to feel alive? Ask a Five” Looks like a bike (or unicycle) (LEARN=5) Throat Chakra
Pros: Free-thinker, progressive, objective, persistent, forever young. Cons: Escapism and over-detachment. If you are a lifepath 5, you’re here to blow people’s minds. See Deva Premal’s reading and Liz Gilbert’s reading. Also this post on healing the Throat Chakra and a stiff neck. *NEW* My guide to 5 lifepaths

6 Lifepath The Lover – Comfort
“Want a long-term fix? Ask a Six”
Looks likes a mother and baby (TRUTH=6) Third Eye Chakra/ Sixth Sense
Pros: Loving, wise, and family-orientated. Creates boundaries. Cons: Martyr, Hypersensitive. Lifepath 6’s are natural guardians. See Natalie Cook’s reading for 33/6 information (more posts in the 33 section below), this post on water and also 666 numerology. My dear friend Vicki Haspels is a 24/6, see this post.

7 Lifepath The Seeker – Teacher
“Looking for Heaven? Ask a Seven”
Looks like a light (BOOK=7) Crown Chakra 
Pros: Natural teacher, authentic, regal, intuitive and love nature/ Spirit/ animals. Cons: Slow learner, obstinate, sceptical. 7’s think for themselves. Read my guide to 7 Lifepaths and Rachael Bermingham’s reading. Also see this post on 711 numerology.

8 Lifepath The Boss – Strength

“Want to educate/ co-create?
Ask an Eight” Looks like a house (FAITH=8) Karmic Pattern Chakra
Pros: Abundant, careful, business-like, success comes through good deeds.
Cons: Materialistic or pushy. If you are a lifepath 8 you are a big picture leader. See Tina Arena’s reading and Dan Millman’s reading. Also this post on spiders and 35/8 lifepaths, Ed Kavalee and Sam Loch’s readings.
9 Lifepath The Thinker
“At a finish line? Ask a Nine” 
Looks like a big head! (GROW=9) Soul Blueprint Chakra
Pros: Past life/ old soul knowledge, serious, compassionate. Cons: Know-it-all, fanatical. If you are a lifepath 9, you’re here to help people understand death and rebirth. Read my guide to 9 lifepaths, or see Jung Chang’s reading and Tanya Targett’s reading. My son Forrest is a 9 lifepath. *NEW* Adriano Zumbo – a Lifepath 9 in the Firing Line.

Master Number 11/2 Lifepath The Spiritual Messenger
Looks like a gateway or forest (LIGHT=11) Pros: Electrical, inspired, productive, psychic, diplomatic, precise. Cons: Nervous, erratic and insecure. You prove that miracles are possible. *NEW* June 2018 – A Guide to 2 Lifepaths. You can also read about Master 11 LifepathsFamous 11 Lifepaths (Updated March 2018)11:11 clocks (many 11’s see them!) and join my lifepath 11 facebook page. Also see Frances Abbott’s psychic reading and this post on Cyntoia Brown (has detailed thoughts on the challenges of being an 11) 

Master Number 22/4 Lifepath The Master Builder

Looks like two swans in love (WORK=22)
Pros: Able to turn ideas into reality on a large scale, devoted to serving others.Cons: Stubbornness and aloofness.
If you are a lifepath 22, you’re here to plan and create majestic security. *NEW* June 2018 – A Guide to 2 Lifepaths. You can also read about Master 22 Lifepaths11:11 clocks (many 22’s see them, or 2:22) and join my lifepath 11 facebook page with Master Number tips.

Master Number 33/6 Lifepath The Master Healer
Looks like a kiss or a butterfly (PRIEST=33, TEACHER=33)
Pros: Compassionate beyond belief, will sacrifice for loved ones, quick mind/ wit.

Cons: Forgets self-care, can get lost in people’s issues and drowns with them.If you are a lifepath 33, then you’re here to teach other people that we get what we give 10 times over. PLEASE, learn to use your thoughts to encourage, not judge yourself. You are a role model! Read about Master 33 Lifepaths11:11 clocks (many 33’s see them, or 3:33) and join my lifepath 11 facebook page with Master Number tips. Also see Natalie Cook’s reading, my articles about Butterfly Saffigna and Gigi Hadid.

Have questions about numerology? Please book a reading or a course. I also post as The Numbers Queen on facebook and have LOTS of articles on my blog.