E-news November 2015

Dear Psychic Reading Fan,

Peace be with you on this 11/11 Remembrance Day!

Not only is the 11:11 Gateway activated, we have a New Moon in Scorpio (death and rebirth).
As a 19/1 Month, November haskarmic debt energy. It’s a time for rising from the ashes. What an amazing time to launch new projects in the spiritual field. I encourage you to pray ormeditate at 11:11 today, as energy is pouring through right now for global healing.
Where’s Sarah?
I’m fully booked until I go on maternity leave in mid January.Please SMS 0408 898 028 with your name and preferred day/ time to go on a waiting list. Spots may open up between now and Jan 2016, otherwise I can see you in April. It will be here soon!
Sun 29 Nov Special Event @ SILOBrisbane – includes a launch, Q&A and mini-platform readings. Verylimited spots available at $29, SMS 0408 898 028 to book in.
Seeing 11:11 means that you’re a Spiritual Messenger. Every moment is a new beginning. You’re at a turning point in consciousness. Read more, listen to a podcast and join me on facebook for updates.

Pinterest Board – Inspiration for Budding Psychics 11:11
Join me for uplifting images, quotes and psychic tips.
Conscious Wisdom Podcast
My fiance Kris Anderson hosts an amazing weekly podcast on alternative health, spirituality and community topics. Not related to my work but if you love edgy discussions check it out. 
11 Reasons You See 11:11
My latest findings, as presented atConscious Life Festival (thanks to the 80 amazing Souls who came and said hello!)
Eight Spiritual Ways to Stop Bullying aka why I was in Court yesterday. Call me a Lifepath 11 ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’.
Please sharewith anyone you know who’s going through a harassment claim/ bullying…
Sarah Yip Brisbane Psychic Stop Bullying


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